Weekly Tarotscope For September 9th: New Moon Brings The Best Week Ever

Are you ready for the best week ever? The New Moon in Virgo has some good news for every zodiac sign.

Virgo’s New Moon brings us a centered and grounded approach to our lives and goals which is a welcomed shift from the recent emotional and etheric Full Moon in Pisces that had just taken place in August. We began this last lunar cycle dreamily looking at our life paths, opened up our hearts and psychic channels and now have the opportunity to get down to business after leaving most of the retrograde and eclipse season behind us.

​We are currently in the sun sign of Virgo which is the sign of organization, planning and discipline. There are many positive traits and behaviors that Virgo brings to the table. Virgo is an earth sign and earth signs help keep us focused, grounded, centered and are excellent manifestos. If you are a little disorganized and undisciplined, then this New Moon will help you get on track and hopefully stay on track.

Aries – The High Priestess

Woah! Mystical and magical energy is likely to be saturating your being and psyche this week gorgeous Aries. The High Priestess is awakening you to your powerful psychic skills, perhaps revealing secrets or shining a light on truth and your intuition. Use this time to go within and access your inner magic, you’re a sorceress, drawing anything you imagine closer to you. Go out in nature and embody her stillness and majesty, you could see and feel the interconnectedness of life and your existence. The High Priestess is coming to you to remind you that you have a mysteriously hidden and fecund inner world to retreat to, you’re likely to find that seeds of undeveloped creative potential wait for you there. This is likely to be a week of magical synchronicity and eery coincidences, showing you that your life is full of potential and riches. Your destiny is unfolding, pay attention to your dreams as they may have some guidance about your purpose.

Taurus – Queen of Cups

Vivifying and exciting energy is likely to oozing out of you this week beautiful Taurus. You may be feeling quite voluptuous and sensual as the Queen of Cups is encouraging you to see and embody your brilliance. This could be a time when you feel like you want to keep your inner fire banked and stored for a special someone, this heat represents your passion and desires. It seems that your imagination is likely to be alight with enchanting and thrilling ideas, accompanying this is a strong and powerful confidence. You’re the queen of your life this week, capable and prepared to tend to project and people that excite and inspire you. Don’t be surprised if you’re the one that’s making folk excited and inspired! You’re working some serious magic this week, own it and sprinkle it around for the most joy.

Gemini – Four of Wands

There’s no i in team, could be a theme for you this week gorgeous Gemini. You may find yourself feeling like you have a team of people around you to help you achieve your goals or you could see that you have a plentiful supply of inner and outer resources to help you get to materialise your visions successfully. The Four of Wands is asking you to reap the rewards of your efforts this week and enjoy this time of harvest, you may feel like you have further to travel and like there is much more you want to achieve but this is an opportune time to gather up people, resources and energy for the next stage of your adventure. If there’s reason to celebrate, make sure you embrace this and acknowledge your amazing accomplishments as this is part of the process! There’s likely to be experiences thus week where you see the concrete results of your endeavours, you’ve been working hard and this the time to reap what you’ve sown, celebrate and design the next stage of your journey with your team.

Cancer – The World

Something of great significance is coming to completion this week beautiful Cancer. You may be at the precipice of finalising something, this could be a project, a relationship or a mindset. You’re closing a chapter, although this feels like a book as it’s so big! You’re starting the next book in the series, beginning a new journey filled with all you’ve learnt and accomplished. Life is a magical cyclical journey of beginnings and endings, this week you’re likely to feel a great sense of relief and achievement as one cycle ends and another begins. Embrace the season of change and if there’s reason to celebrate make sure you raise a glass or give yourself some form of acknowledgement for all your efforts. You’re likely to feel harmonious this week as you’re embodying the balance and fecundity of The World, get out there and show them what you’ve got Cancer, we all need the sensitive and nurturing energy you give so easily. This is your time to shine and assert yourself, a new journey into your new life has begun.

Leo – Eight of Wands

Hurray! All speed ahead! Gorgeous Leo, finally after a frustrating time of delay, struggle and setbacks you can now move forward with positive momentum. The Eight of Wands is helping you to see that what you experienced recently has been like a catapult, you’ve been stretched backwards, delayed and restricted so that you could be propelled at a rapid rate towards your goals and desires. You’re likely to have a clear idea and vision about where you’re heading and what it’s going to take to get yourself there. Now that you’ve crystallised and made your ambitions tangible and real, the universe is going to help you in bringing the best people and opportunities to you. You may meet some influential people that help you this week, or perhaps find that everything feels like it’s finally falling into place. You’re likely to feel buoyant and optimistic about the future as your plans unfold, you’re on a magical journey, enjoy!

Virgo – The Empress

Oh mamma! What a perfect card to receive when we are in Virgo season! Happy birthday beautiful Virgo, this is your time to shine and nurture yourself wholeheartedly. The Empress is the queen of her life and you’re channeling her magical and maternal energy this week. What projects are you working on currently? Whether it’s revamping your garden or your image or confidence, the energy of The Empress will guide you to nurture everything you do this week with love, care and grace. You’re likely to take your time doing things and feel like you’re in flow with the earth and the universe. Everything grows and peaks at the most opportune moment in time in nature and you’re probably going to feel in tune with your self, your body, the earth, the seasons and the cosmos.

Libra – Four of Pentacles

What does self-value mean to you gorgeous Libra? We are nearly in your season and it’s almost time for your birthday, for now though we are in Virgo season and the Four of Pentacles is asking you to think about how you may be attaching your self worth to your financial or career status. You may have been feeling a little fearful of the future and how much you have, you’re being asked to relax the tension you’re carrying, free up your tight grasp on your material wealth. Remember that money and abundance come to us when we give, if you find yourself holding on too tightly to money this week, ask yourself how you’re feeling and why you may be feeling anxious. There’s likely to be some healing moments this week where you can begin to feel more confident about who you are and what you give to the world.

Scorpio – Seven of Cups

Decisions decisions! Oh beautiful Scorpio what will you choose?! The Seven of Cups is waking you up to your infinite possibilities this week and making it clear to you just how many wonderful choices you have. This week you may find yourself wanting to map out your dreams wishes and desires to help you clearly sense what direction you’d like your life to move in. You could be quite the daydreamer too, fantasising about the things you love and dream of. It’s great too visualise and daydream as it helps us to manifest our dreams and wishes, but the Seven is Cups is asking you to act on those imaginings and visions you have this week. You may have to choose to let something go in order to fully go for something exciting, things are likely to feel buoyant and light hearted this week as you set forth of making your dreams a reality.

Sagittarius – Ace of Pentacles

There’s a mighty boost happening for you this week sweet Sagittarius, hopefully you can feel it coming! The Ace of Pentacles is telling you to trust in this new beginning that’s occurring in your home, body, work and financial sector. How are things going at home and work? How are you feeling in your skin? Are you happy with your body and health? It seems that one or all of these areas are being boosted this week, you’re likely to feel within you which one it is as you read this, trust your gut and the vibes you get. We are in Virgo season now and this earthly time is encouraging all of us to tune into our soul and body and to reflect on what we want to initiate and start. This week is a good time for you to begin new things and start a new chapter with yourself and what you do in the world. You could be fortunate to receive a gift or win something this week, things are looking bright and the rawness of the Ace of Pentacles is pushing you forward towards your ambitions.

Capricorn – Ace of Cups

There’s so much beauty in and around you this week lovely Capricorn. You may have been yearning for your emotional life to improve recently and the appearance of the Ace of Cups should give you that boost you’ve been hoping for. You are beginning something new and exciting that’s full of potential and positive possibility. You could be starting a new relationship with someone wonderful, you may be beginning a new chapter with an existing partner and deepening your connection. This could also manifest as you starting afresh with yourself and starting a brand new way of treating yourself well. Are you your own best friend? This week you are likely to have plenty of emotional fulfilling experiences that fill your heart with gratitude and joy. All relationships are expected to be boosted with positivity as you are reflecting the energy of the Ace of Cups, open your arms and curtains wide, there’s lots of love coming your way.

Aquarius – Five of Wands

There could be some stuff competition this week gorgeous Aquarius, you may experience this in the career/study arena, or it could manifest as a romantic rival. The Five of Wands is asking you not to be afraid of competing, you must realise that you lots to offer, and you can be successful. But remember that you have to try to see the best results. Self-belief is stronger than ever this week, so use this energy wisely and peacock in front of people. By that I mean hold your head up high, show them what you’ve got! Have faith in yourself and your projects, know that you will end up in the place that is right for you. If you’ve been considering making a job change, this is your soul calling out to you encouraging you to believe in yourself and reach higher. You may have to make some compromises to keep things moving but you’re close to victory so keep it up! Be mindful that all challenges such as facing competition, encourage us to improve our game and to increase our skills. You got this!

Pisces – Five of Cups

Beautiful Pisces, you’re likely to be quite nostalgic this week and perhaps feeling some regret over past actions. There appears to be something that’s frustrating for you on an emotional level this week, a certain bee in your bonnet could see you expressing what you’re finding annoying to a significant other. The Five of Cups tells us that even though something may seem lost, broken or missing, there is still much left upon which you can build and rebuild. This week you can expect to see the truth about a situation or a person which could result in you feeling a little let down momentarily. Positively, the Five of Cups encourages you to look behind mistakes and to see that it all happens for a reason, positive and negative experiences lead you to a more authentic experience and ultimately towards a happier life. Take time to assess how you really feel about someone or something, realise that we all make mistakes, we are all human made up of light and dark and it’s acceptance of this that will bring you fulfilment and ease.

Final Words:

This New Moon is most certainly an excellent time to fine-tune some of the intentions you may have had for yourself this year. We are at the manifestation phase where we are beginning to see some growth and progress with our goals as they begin to take form in the physical. It’s not too late in the game to fine-tune things and change them up just a wee bit. Take advantage of this time of precision, detail and discipline. If you do so, you will have virtually poured miracle grow on your goals by giving them such close attention.