How To Be A Modern Mystic In The Real World

We, as a species, are seeking a deeper connection and have an innate sense of knowing that there is something more to life.

Furthermore, there are souls who navigate life in an instinctively mystical and sagacious manner, in sync with the underlying rhythms of nature and the universe.

The ‘modern mystic’ is an old soul, a unique individual, a well-worn veteran having already sailed the karmic oceans in many lifetimes and dimensions. He/She is a wise, wide-eyed trooper with an intrinsic knowing of the spiritual essence of all things.

The mystic eye is one that hovers above, below and all around, it is never satisfied with the mundane ‘appearances’ and illusory nature of the material world.

​Deeply driven by an internal fire, this passion walker knows what it is to be ‘alive’ and ‘present’. He invokes a rousing state of awareness that is inborn, raw, hungry and real. With open heart and mind’s eye, this universal trekker has an innate sense of knowing, a perceptive inner oracle, an artistic outlook and an acutely intuitive sensory system.

To be a mystic is to naturally enter divine state of heightened being. It is the way you perceive things and people around you, breathe in the atmosphere, take notice of details, and see the soul of things.

A mystic, in essence, is a ‘seer’, someone who spontaneously sees ‘beyond’ the ordinary and appreciates the beauty, mystery, enigma and subtle secret order in the otherwise chaotic world around them. Perhaps it is time for you to put on your etheric trekking boots and step into the covert wilderness of your own instinctual psyche.

If you’re sensitive to other people’s energy, you’re most likely wanting to please others at your own expense. You can spend so much time and energy doing things for other people, there’s no time left for yourself.

It’s easy to get pulled off center

You’ll start to look around you, and defining your success by other people’s standards – feeling like you can never measure up!

You know you have more you’d like share with the world, plus you want more time, more love, and more freedom. So how do you create the success you desire, while feeling like you’re pulled in different directions? The answer is simple…

To change your life externally, you must change your energy!

If you’re looking outside yourself trying to change your circumstances, you’ll exhaust yourself. If you want more joy, you must allow yourself to experience more joy.

You are energetically designed for success

When you shift your focus to nourishing your inner life, your external world transforms. You begin to create a life that is not only materially rewarding, but is also soul purposefully delicious!