7 Signs That You Have Psychic Abilities

When we think of psychic powers or abilities, we automatically imagine someone predicting our future with a crystal ball. However, being psychic doesn’t always have to do with fortune-telling, or with being able to see into the future.

We tend to refer to it as having a sixth sense, and a lot of us have felt our intuition spike at one point or another. But having a psychic sense is a powerful tool you can fine tune to work for your greatest benefit.

If you have ever wondered if you posses any psychic abilities, or a sixth sense, read these 7 signs below and find out:

You Have Visual Voyance

Do you have a sensation or pressure on your third eye? This is the feeling you get when your clairvoyance is opening up. You may soon start to see colours or shapes too as messages transmit

You Get A Tingly Sensation

Do you feel itching or tingling on the top of your head around your crown chakra? This is a direct connection with our spirit guides and our psychic side; you are opening up to receive information from your spirit guides

You Have Angelic Awareness

Do you get a feeling that someone else is in the room with you? If this happens, just ask the spirits or angels what they want, as they are not there to harm you in any way. Their communication means you have answers just drop into your mind through telepathy

You Get Sensual Vulnerability

Do you feel the need to protect yourself from picking up random negative energies by imagining yourself in a bit white bubble of light. The more you practise putting yourself in a bubble, the easier it gets

You Feel Empathic Occurrences

Do you find you are picking up on other people’s emotions, feelings and pains. If this happens, thank them in your mind for sharing and then ask you spirit guides to take the feelings away

You’re A Wild Dreamer

Do you experience reoccurring or particularly vivid dreams? Keep a diary by the bed and write down as much as you can remember. When you have time later in the day, try interpreting what the dream was trying to tell you

You Become An Energy Magnet

Do you find that you are drawn to those who are also on their spiritual pathway? Our energies begin to change as we grow spiritually, so our friends can often change too

If you identified with all or most of these questions, then you could be prone to psychic powers.