Weekly Tarotscope June 18: New Beginnings, And Lifting The Veil

We begin the week with Neptune stationing retrograde. Neptune is a slow moving orb that represents our collective subconscious. One of the best examples of the embodiment of Neptune is found in the “Wizard of Oz” when Dorothy pulls back the curtain only to find the professor pulling levers to control the wise and mysterious Oz. In short; manipulation of the truth. Neptune eventually stations direct near the end of November.

Elsewhere we see the Sun ingress into Cancer and the arrival of the summer solstice. The solstice is always an important day and delivers the longest day of the year. The Sun is at its highest point and the warmth of it pervades our daily lives. Since Cancer is a cardinal sign we can expect to witness a new beginning. The Sun tips into zero degrees Cancer and there is a strong desire to begin.

Like the opposite point of the winter solstice, this point in time is significant in that it offers up a moment when we can consciously turn towards a new direction.

Let’s see what the tarot says about your reading for the week:

​​​Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Page of Wands. New ideas are exciting—and you’re overflowing with them right now. However, don’t let get too dazzled by what could be. Make sure to weigh your inspiration in the court of reality. Alternately, keep your eyes open for messages from an inexperienced young person who may be very passionate but inexperienced. All that glitters may not be gold.

You may have great potential this week as your ruling planet, Mars stands in opposition to Venus. Oppositions can deliver startling results, but the trick is to guide the outcome. Activity can manifest as either positive or negative, but the capacity for action is present. It is up to you to channel that potential. Collaborate creatively.

Taurus (April 20- May 20)

Four of Pentacles. It’s good to have a lot to hold onto in your life. However, when does protecting your resources turn into closing yourself off?  This week will present you with opportunities to mull this subtle but important distinction. Alternately, if you’re feeling a lack of stability in your life on the material plane, it’s time to consider ways to keep what’s rightfully yours.

In reverse to your astrological neighbor, you have your ruling planet, Venus standing in direct opposition to Mars. The potential for action is very real and if you can turn in the right direction with this influence you can accomplish much. Be aware of conflict though. Look to home and occupation for the action.

Gemini (May 21 – June 21)

Two of Cups. If you’ve been feeling lonely, this card promises that you may not be alone for long.  Keep your eyes open for a new love or friend who will truly “get” you in all your quirkily perfect wonderfulness. Alternately, if your long term relationship could use some reinvigorating and reinvention, the time is nigh. It takes two to tango.

Keep an eye on your relationships with your siblings this week. There is great opportunity to turn a sticky situation into a unique learning experience. Be aware of just the opposite as well. You may find that you are dealing with exaggerations and hyperbole at the same time that you are overwhelmed by creativity and passion.

Cancer (June 22 – July 22)

Knight of Wands. This week, the Knight of Wands invites you to move forward into whatever new schemes you’ve been mulling.  Don’t delay to take initiative. Alternately, the Knight of Wands can signify someone who inspires like a jolt of electricity from the great beyond. Use their energy to make your move.

With the Sun in Cancer and the summer solstice here you may be feeling as if you are in the spotlight. And you may well be. At the same time be cognizant of the weight of responsibility especially to your significant partner or a close friend. Also keep an eye on financial prospects.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Three of Pentacles. What big project could you accomplish if you had others to help you? The Three of Pentacles invites us to get real—and to get ambitious. Make a list of constructive, pragmatic steps that will take you from Point A to Z. Your task: find helpers whose talents will help your dreams take on concrete form. After all, we can’t do it all alone.

Venus may be your friend this week and that may be grand. However, at the same time you have Mars directly opposing that sweet Venus so be aware of tension in your relationships. This same influence can stir up passion in both directions. You may be putting in extra hours at work and that might be the trigger.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Death. If you’ve been clinging onto something in your life that has outlived its usefulness, this is the perfect day to bid adieu to the old, bonjour to the new. The changes before you may feel painful to contemplate, but they’re necessary.  Your challenge is to allow the old to fertilize the new without fear.

You could see some significant progress in your daily work routine. The potential exists to make real, dramatic progress, but you have to be aware of tension existing at the same time. Sometimes drama and tension are a necessary ingredient to get you over a finish line. Creativity may be tested so prepare.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Four of Swords. Sometimes we’re meant to forge ahead despite signs to the contrary. Other times, not so much. Right now, it’s imperative for you to heal from whatever’s been bothering your body and soul. Your mission: find balance by detaching from the everyday world.

A burst of creativity could pull you through the week with lots of startling ideas and a touch of tension. The trick will be to sway the energy in a positive direction because the opposite is also possible. Responsibility arrives at home so step up to it. Words have weight at work.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Three of Swords. Sometimes life is hard, and we’re sad for good cause. Other times, we’re plain oversensitive from past hurts; even if we were handed the keys to the kingdom, we’d still find cause to complain. Your challenge: figure out which of these two scenarios have your name on them. Transform grief into understanding.

Your ruling planet, Mars may be quite influential this week as it sits in your family sector. While this position generally represents action, be aware of the direct opposition of Venus. Your career may be pulling you in one direction and family in the other. Challenges and responsibilities may test ties to siblings.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Queen of Wands. The Queen of Wands will provide you with ample opportunities to show off how clever you can be particularly in the workplace. Time to bedazzle those movers and shakers high up on the food chain! Do what you can to gain their support for your long term goals. After all, big deeds require a big team of helpers.

Travel arrangements could get complicated as Mars and Venus stare down each other in that area of your life. Complex financial considerations could also test the limits of your patience and force you to resolve or renegotiate an existing agreement. What once looked solid may now be under reconsideration. Legal topics could cloud the landscape.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Mama Earth is calling. She’s asking you to take stock of ways to create a more harmonious home. Whether your answer involves nurturing your family, redecorating your bedroom, planting a garden, or taking a luxurious bubble bath, it’s time to plain do it. Your challenge: Find ways to increase your peace.

Be aware of financial topics that might involve large organizations such taxes, inheritance, and long-term investments. The potential for resolution is as equally present as deeper confusion. Responsibility is personal and may require adjusting of your expectations to accommodate. Shared goals with partner take on a weighty tone as you plan for the future.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Three of Cups. Get ready to get happy! This is going to be one for the record books. Whether the goodness coming your way is a family reunion, a gathering between friends, or just some welcome news, drink deeply of the wine of satisfaction. Celebrate!

A decision may have to be made this week regarding a transition. You may be moving from An aggressive stance may motivate you to act, but be aware of the risks to relationships if you go that route. Projects that are in the final stages may demand more time than you can spare and may up the pressure to complete. Passion may be running quite hot with romantic partner which can go either way. Your choice.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Judgement. Change can be frightening. But it can also be good: after puttering along on the local road, your life is about to move onto the express lane. Keep your eyes open for important news that may lead to big decisions. Whatever it is, it’s necessary.

Your patience may be tested if you are in search of an easy ending to an existing project. You may be able to speed up the process but be aware of overstating your urgency. Business associates may require more time than you anticipated and slow down a project with added details. Persist and comply.