What Is A Twin Flame Soul Shock And What Does It Feel Like?

A soul shock, as the name suggests, is the overwhelming devastation that takes two souls by storm, when they are separated from each other. They feel an intense pain that has the capability of shattering their spirits.

It is a common misconception that the chaser in a relationship is the only one in a twin flame relationship who experiences a soul shock. The runner is equally ravaged by this harrowing experience.

The runner does not understand his spirituality, and that is why he makes a run for it. He does not know how to cope with the intensity of this divine and otherworldly relationship.

He hasn’t reached a point of spiritual illumination and lets his self-ego take over his senses. The chaser, on the other hand, is more aware and together, and understands the worth of the relationships he/she is in.

An excellent example of Twin Flame Soul Shock comes from Kimberley Jackshaw on Quora:

This is more of a description of what sends you into soul shock, and it can happen to the chaser and the runner both.. I am the “chaser” and I hate, loathe, despise that label- I prefer leader!

but if you’re wondering about physical “symptoms” well based on my own experience it triggered my dark night of the soul. 

When someone told my twin flame that he and I were twin flames – yep someone out of spite, jealousy, misunderstanding the dynamic and not actually a twin flame themselves – decided to tell my twin flame what we were.

I then got a very nasty email and he called me names I would never had thought were possible for him … but as a “runner” it was over-reacting of course and he was mad as hell.

So what happened to me… I felt like someone hit me in the heart with a sledge hammer, then pulled my still beating heart out of my chest and stomped all over it… then I cried probably for days and I was furious… especially because what happened wasn’t caused by anything I ever did.

I don’t really remember, there were sleepless nights and days I didn’t eat much and literally went numb emotionally and spiritually. I couldn’t meditate or do anything spiritual. Life became a blur and I went into robot mode, get up go to work come home have dinner go to bed… I did this for about three months or so… I ended up quite ill physically as well.

I did have a very supportive mentor, friend and teacher Carol Mary help me through this … with chakra healings and dream therapy.. and she talked with my twin flames higher self – one of her special abilities.. and helped us talk again in 5D because I blocked him telepathically because I hurt so bad, I’d put up such a block in my heart chakra that for days I didn’t think I would EVER let him back into my energy again.

I know he is indeed my twin flame because after that first few months.. once I got back to doing my spiritual practice and doing healings … I was able to let him back in ..

Yes you can block your twin flame telepathically and emotionally it is what we do when we go into soul shock.

According to Kimberly, things have gotten better and the energies between her and her twin flame are stronger than ever now.

The best way to avoid a soul shock is to let things run their course. We should never let our feelings of anger consume us. They are all part of our self-ego and lay ruin to our lives. It is only when we understand that these feelings are not our true identity, we reach a point of illumination and truth.