Daily Horoscope For April 4th: Every Sign Will Feel This Powerful Shift Today

Each and every one of us has felt the effects of the recent Full Blue Moon, and today’s energy is carrying us through to the tipping point.

Here’s what to expect today, April 4th, for each Zodiac Sign:


That “rut” effect you are feeling is the effect of the Fixed Scorpio Moon from the past few days, but that energy is a thing of the past today. Today you are feeling a little restless though, but not in a negative way. You just feel like you have some extra energy and don’t know what to do with it. That’s the power of the Sagittarius Moon in your ninth house of foreign affairs and Big Visions. What Big Visions are on your mind today, Aries?


You are so ready to break out of a rut, Taurus! And today you are feeling the energy to do just that. You have the Sagittarius Moon in your eighth house of resources and transformations, and you are ready for a big change. A Mercury and Mars conjunction in your twelfth house of spirituality also inspires you to bring the passion on. And it feels good! Do something special and completely different with a partner or wing man today, and you will feel on top of the world. What will you choose, Taurus?


The Sagittarius Moon in your seventh house of relationships is bring some fire into the love life today, Gemini. You also have a Mercury and Mars conjunction in your eleventh house of groups, making you passionate about the social scene today. A change in an issue may arrive today with this Mercury transit, and you will want to investigate the source. Keep it real, Gemini, and keep that integrity in check, or that change is going to be one you don’t like. What change are you looking into today, Gem?


The Sagittarius Moon in your sixth house of work and routine today is lighting a fire under you to make some changes. A Mercury and Mars conjunction in your house of work also has you yearning for a little bit of career success today. It’s a great day to take in some yoga, or really treat yourself to a spa or sauna session today. Recharge and reboot in some way today so you can focus on work with a fresh outlook. How will you recharge and find pleasure today, Cancer?


The Moon is in fellow Fire Sign Sagittarius today, Leo, and in your fifth house of pleasures and entertainment. You are feeling a little saucy today, friend! Enjoy this fun energy and use it to its fullest potential. Don’t put a serious spin on the day. Play time can lead to a serious talk with Mercury forming a conjunction with Mars in your house of foreign affairs. But you’ll need to let it happen naturally. Forcing the issue will turn someone off. What fun are you planning today, Leo?


The Moon is in fellow Mutable Sign Sagittarius today, Virgo, and this means that your day will be busy. You will likely feel this busy energy most in your home or family life, with this Sagittarius Moon in your house of foundations and roots. You also have a Mercury and Mars conjunction in your house of transformations, making today a great day to have a serious talk with someone. It will go your way if you follow your heart. Who will you reach out and touch, Virgo?


You will have a purely magical way with words today, Libra, with the Sagittarius Moon in your third house of communication. You’ve got a fire lit under you. Follow your intuition and inspiration and you will feel the words flow like honey. When it feels good, Libra, that’s how you know you are saying and doing the right thing. A Mercury and Mars conjunction sends news on the relationship front for you. What are you communicating today, Libra?


The Sagittarius Moon in your second house of money is going to have your mind focusing on money and on fun today, Scorpio. Just go easy on this one, as it will be very easy to over indulge today with a Mercury and Mars conjunction in your house of work. A big change is coming that makes you feel good about who you are, and your place in the world, Scorpio. You feel intense and passionate about the changes that come your way today. What are you feeling excited about?


You may be having a little more energy than usual today, Sagittarius, with the Moon in your first house. It’s a bit of a push and pull experience for you today, with the high of energy of the Moon in your first house, and a Mercury and Mars conjunction in your house of true love. So today is all about cycles ending and finishing in a way that makes you feel more recharged than you have in a long time. What cycles are you working on today, Sagittarius?


You are at the end of a long cycle, Capricorn, and you may be feeling a little bit drained bout that today. You may also be feeling restless, as if you feel like you need to do more than you are doing today. If you are feeling drained, take some time today, or the whole day. The Sagittarius Moon in your twelfth house of endings is winding an issue down for you. If your intuition is to just mellow out today, then follow that call. How will you take care of you today, Cap?


The Sagittarius Moon in your eleventh house of groups and friendships today, Aquarius, makes this a great day to make some new connections, Aquarius, or touch base with some old ones. Work is favored today, with an additional Mercury and Mars conjunction in your house of communication. It’s a great day to do some social networking or networking on the career front or life issues front. Connect with the people that will help you to reach some goals. Who are they, Aquarius?


A Moon in fellow Mutable Sign Sagittarius is entering your tenth house of career and public image today, Pisces. This is a day where you need to be on your best behavior, or you could find yourself getting caught up in some trouble. But if you do handle public experiences properly today, Pisces, you could see your public image soar today! Your career matters are heightened today. What are you inspired about today, Pisces?