Your Guiding Spirit Animal Based On Your Zodiac Sign

While some Zodiac signs are animals themselves, your spirit animal is based not on the shape of the star constellation itself but on the personality and likeness of each sign to the animal’s character. Read on to discover your spirit animal in relation to your Zodiac sign.


Tiger – Aries



Aries have regal personalities like the tiger. They are charming and graceful. While they are kind to their loved ones, they can be terrifying to those who have wronged them. Those with a tiger spirit animal are strong and persistent in achieving their dreams. Unless they are upset, they are calm and elegant like their totem animal.


Wolf – Taurus



Taurus is a stubborn sign that sometimes works alone like the wolf. However, wolves have deep attachments to the pack. Taureans live life according to their own set of principles. They feel things deeply and are extremely protective of their loved ones. They prefer a simple life, but they have a great complexity in their souls.


Black Panther – Gemini



Geminis have many sides. When you feel like you know a Gemini, they can behave in a fashion that seems totally out of character. They are unpredictable and mysterious with many layers to their personalities. Like the black panther, they seem calm on the outside but they are ready to leap into action at any time.


Dog – Cancer

Like a faithful dog, Cancer will stick by you through thick or thin. You may get frustrated with their clinginess, but they are persistent in caring for you. They have sweet and gentle personalities and are the caretakers of the Zodiac. They take their responsibilities seriously. They are easily hurt by dishonesty, which might shake their loyalty to you.

Peacock – Leo

The peacock is a confident, showy bird with a loud voice and spectacular plumage. This makes them the perfect spirit animal for Leo. Like the peacock, Leo has a solid conception of who they are and what their place is in the world. They love being the center of attention and have no problem showing off their beauty to their adoring public.

Eagle – Virgo

Like their spirit animal, the eagle, Virgos keep themselves above others. They love to look down on the world from a high vantage point. They are alert and intelligent with intense focusing abilities. They are somewhat lonely but they are their own best company. The eagle leads Virgos to examine their lives from a different perspective.

Panda – Libra

Libras are cute, loving, and gentle in nature. They are fun-loving like their spirit animal, the panda, and don’t mind making a bit of a fool of themselves to make others laugh. It’s very hard to get them upset, but when you do, watch out. The panda can be much more ferocious than its cute and cuddly exterior would suggest. They are very protective of their loved ones.

Lion – Scorpio

The Scorpio has a courageous, adventurous soul like the lion. They have great self-control and never allow themselves to sink to a low level. Their honesty can be brutal at times, and they are never afraid to speak their minds. This behavior may not always win them friends, but it gives them a deep sense of personal integrity.

Cat – Sagittarius

Sagittarius is an alert and intelligent sign, much like the cat. By keenly observing situations, Sagittarians are able to formulate solid plans of action. Along with their sharp intelligence, they have a strong practical bent, which means they can act decisively. Cats aren’t always in constant motion, and when they do relax, they abandon themselves to it.

Horse – Capricorn

Above all, Capricorn is a sign that revels in freedom. Like the horse, Capricorn likes to live life according to his or her own rules. They chafe against people who try to pin them down and resist any routine that grows too stale. The soul of a Capricorn is the soul of a wild horse running free on the plains.

Bear – Aquarius

The bear is a strong and stubborn animal that likes things his or her own way. While they have a ferocious fighting spirit and always come out swinging, they are tender and gentle with their loved ones. They are especially good with children, teaching them and shepherding them like their own cubs.

Fox – Pisces

Like the fox, Pisceans are quiet and like to keep out of other people’s way. They have a beautiful view of the world and enjoy the simple things in life. This doesn’t mean that they are pushovers. When they are provoked, they can be dangerous.

Now you know your spirit animal based on your Zodiac,hopefully, you feel like you also know yourself a little better. Click SHARE to find out who is the same spirit animal as you!

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