Is The World Drowning Out Your Soul’s Desires?

Like your thumbprint, your soul’s desires are unique to you.

However, after birth, our family’s and culture’s energetic story and beliefs about relationships, money, and health get handed down to us… and, unfortunately, for most people, these are negative.


Growing up surrounded by sickness, unhappy relationships, and money problems makes it difficult to see what our soul truly desires. It’s like looking through a foggy lens.


Whether it be social conditioning, limiting beliefs, traumatic experiences, or other energy blocks… these negative energies influence us without us even realizing.


Life feels like a struggle. So how can we clear up our lens and listen to our soul?


1. Be mindful of negative thoughts, beliefs and opinions


The media has a dreadful habit of putting a negative spin on world events, and that negativity can be highly contagious.


You’ll notice that people who are “in love with life” have a vital energy that permeates their bodies — they can be in their 60s, 70s, or 80s, but still have an amazing ageless quality… while people in their 30s who are jaded, negative, and bored look old and worn out.


2. Be aware of your soul’s messages


Your soul doesn’t express itself in the form of words — it’s usually dreams, or spontaneous things like hunches or gut feelings, strong urges, physical sensations or memories. Do less of the things that don’t jibe with you, and more of the things that intuitively feel good.


These messages can come in a flash. That’s why they’re easy to miss, and even easier to dismiss.

3. Notice money patterns

A person’s money issues and patterns of debt usually reflect negative beliefs and energies dominating their life.

Pay attention to the times in life when you had (or have) money issues, and map them to your emotional state at the time for clues on what needs healing.

4. Start “listening” to your body

You know how you feel when things are going well and you feel happy. This is the natural state of things.

If you are feeling lethargic, have digestive issues, a “bleh” feeling “for no reason,” or even a slight feeling that something isn’t quite right… don’t ignore it! Try to notice the corresponding mental/emotional state, and make corrections there.

5. Ride out negative emotions

This doesn’t mean “deny emotions.” Just don’t get attached to them — feel them as you feel a breeze on your skin, and let them go just as easily.

6. Do the things that intuitively feel good

Do less of the things that don’t jibe with you, and more of the things that intuitively feel good. Anything that feels good, creates a higher vibration and promotes healing. Anything that feels wrong or bad, creates the opposite effect.


Although additional healing may be required, there are steps you can take today that will help you dust off negative energy and listen to your soul’s desires.

Paying attention to little things like dreams, hunches, and signals from the body could make all the difference between living in a struggle and letting affluence, love, and health enter your life.

Via MindValley

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