Weekend Astrology Forecast for February 23 – 25: Breathing Under Water

This weekend starts off a bit stressful and scattered with the first quarter Moon in Gemini making difficult aspects all around. As we move into the end of this weekend, the combination of Mercury conjunct Neptune and Venus square Mars helps us to feel more romantic, passionate, creative and idealistic, all the while increasing the likelihood for misunderstandings and disputes. Overall, the energy this weekend feels confusing, yet productive, and allows us the opportunity to take action in our relationships and responsibilities wherever it’s needed most.

Friday (2/23): No major planetary aspects. The Moon is in it’s first-quarter phase in Gemini, indicating a crisis of commitment to intentions and projects that were seeded near the time of the New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Aquarius last week. The Moon will be making difficult aspects to Mercury, Neptune, Venus and Mars today, indicating that this is likely to be an emotionally trying and stressful day for many of us. We may feel scattered, like our minds are in a million different places, and challenged to complete our work in order to move in the the weekend with far less baggage. Luckily, the last aspect the Moon makes before moving into the watery, comfortable sign of Cancer tomorrow is a supportive sextile to Uranus in Aries, indicating that meeting challenges head on today will result in positive change.

Saturday (2/24): No major planetary aspects. The Moon goes Void-of-Course n Gemini at 12:58pm MST and remains that way throughout the afternoon and evening, indicating that this is a great day to take some time out to rest, replenish and take care of more mundane, routine tasks. At 8:06pm MST, the Moon will move into it’s comfort zone in its home sign of Cancer! In Cancer, we become much more in tune with our emotions and intuition and focused on the things in our lives that assist us in feeling supported, safe and secure.

Sunday (2/25): Venus in the romantic and fantastical sign of Pisces makes a difficult square to Mars in Sagittarius today, which amps up both our romantic passions and the potential for disputes and aggression in relationships. This energy challenges us to assert our willpower without stepping on the toes of others. Underlying tensions in relationships, sexual or otherwise, are brought up under this influence and must be channeled accordingly. This can be a highly creative, passionate and exciting transit for some, and for others the intensity may become overwhelming, leading to short tempers and impulsive action when it comes to our relationships and financial matters.

Mercury in Pisces comes into a conjunction with foggy Neptune today, which is a challenging aspect for our clarity of thought and communication to say the least. People will be much more prone to deception from others as well as mental forms of escapism through denial of reality. This aspect makes it difficult to think and make decisions clearly, so be careful not to jump too quickly into anything new unless you’re absolutely certain it’s the right thing to do! Offers that appear too good to be true are more likely to be just that, and communications in general can become very misleading in ways that are often unintentional. On the flip side, this energy is great for creative self-expression, especially in written form. We can also become much softer, vivid, and compassionate in our speech, so endeavors that require a gentle and loving approach to communication are favored at this time.

The Sun in Pisces comes into a supportive sextile with Saturn in Capricorn today, helping us to ground out some of that foggy and confusing Piscean energy and giving us a brief opportunity to regain some clarity. This transit is excellent for working diligently toward a goal, finding support from people in positions of authority, and to take care of important responsibilities.

The Moon continues to transit the watery, nurturing sign of Cancer today, entering into it’s waxing gibbous phase in a harmonious trine with the Sun in Pisces. Now is a time when the intentions we seeded at the New Moon are beginning to gain traction and grow to their fullness. The challenges we encountered during the first quarter square of the Moon have been overcome and things begin to flow more easily. The Gibbous Moon is a time to clarify intentions and promote further growth and liberation from the failures of past cycles.

The Moon will be making an opposition to Saturn early in the morning, challenging us to ground our emotions and intuition into more practical endeavors. For the remainder of the day, the Moon will make only harmonious aspects in trine to both Neptune and Mercury, making this a highly creative, intuitive and spiritually active day— excellent for escaping into the realm of mysticism and fantasy!

Via PersephoneReturns – Main Image by Sara Acosta