The Powerful Black Moon And Partial Solar Eclipse Are Bringing A Massive Shift

What is a Black Moon? Well, it is basically the opposite of a blue moon. With the moon indulging in a little more alone time, it’s a month full of more pitch black skies than usual. This is a relatively rare occurrence and it only happens about 4 times every 100 years. This will commence an explosion of conversations between unlikely people and a period where we’ll be especially prolific when exchanging ideas.

While some might simply enjoy the black moon as a fun anecdote to bring up during small talk, the spiritual folk take it a bit more seriously. The new moon is an important time for us to set our intentions for the month, to start anew with fresh goals in mind, and to wipe the slate clean. The black moon only amplifies this cleansing energy, dragging your deepest strengths and desires to the forefront, uninhibited.

The black moon is also an ideal time to manifest your  wishes more quickly. So if you’re itching to ask the universe for something important, the black moon is the perfect time to do it!

This New Moon Solar Eclipse is going to be helping us to communicate and express ourselves to those that we love. In fact, relationships are really going to be a theme around this Eclipse so stay open and see where the Universe is guiding you.

Eclipses of all kinds are extremely spiritually significant, and the one we’ll experience on Feb. 15 is no exception. Here are some of the ways in which this moon and partial solar eclipse will have an impact:

Personal Reflection

Per Elite Daily, the time around a new moon and solar eclipse is ripe for turning inward and considering the kinds of changes you might want to make to your life and behavior. Prepare to demand more of yourself during this time and to greet challenges with a positive, confident attitude.

Spiritual Practices

Eclipses are especially beneficial times for performing practices like chanting, meditation, and mantra repetition. Similarly, they’re not ideal periods for what might be considered more active pursuits. Basically, this will be a great time to think about big steps you might want to take in your life… but not such a great time to actually take those steps. The more you can practice mindfulness during the eclipse, the more you’ll amplify your inner light.

Heightened Energy

Eclipses cause heightened levels of energy in both people and the environment, per Siddha Yoga. As a result, nature is thought to turn inward. For two or three days before and after the eclipse, you may notice that you have a decreased appetite and heightened emotions.


Solar eclipses tend to provoke a lot of external changes, which means that you might find new obstacles in your way as you take the early steps toward achieving those goals you’ve been meditating on. Elite Daily advises that you be prepared to dig deep so you can find a different way to achieve those goals.


Because the sun is categorized as a positive planet, solar eclipses are thought to initiative primarily positive things, according to Elite Daily. This moon event, therefore, marks the beginning of happy times and events. Cheers to that!