4 Uncomfortable Symptoms Of A Crown Chakra Awakening

By Raven Fon – mysticalraven.com

Are you one of those who are experiencing a rough sleeping pattern, or perhaps you’re having irregular headaches? Maybe you are going through a phase where there is constant noise cluttering up your thoughts, or is it that you just can’t stop thinking?

Do you feel like maybe, just maybe, there are inexplicable things happening with you personally?

Well, it sounds like you may be experiencing an ‘Awakening or Opening of Your Crown Chakra’.

Here are 4 uncomfortable symptoms explained, that will help you to understand your situation in a clearer way.

# 1 Detachment

The process of healing takes an individual on a roller-coaster ride. The individual going through the awakening witnesses a behavioural pattern change. Your perspective will be unique and quite different than the rest of those around you. The major change will be that of your friend circle — you will just happen to disconnect from most of them and appreciate more seclusion in your life. As the chatter in your head increases, your need to speak will decrease. As my modified version of the famous saying goes “The more you unlearn, the less you speak.”

# 2 Body Pain and Headaches

When you go through your healing process your mind and soul are in a constant battle of negative thoughts/vibrations/feelings.

The human brain is resistant to change this, and this struggle will become quite real whilst you go through your crown chakra opening. As a result of this struggle, the body reacts through severe body pain and headaches. Also, there might be a tingling sensation on top of your head and the back of your neck.

# 3 Food Pattern

While going through the awakening process one will go through a behavioural change, especially with food. Your mind will crave food more than your body, and you will eat food that will nourish your soul and body. There might also be some incidences where you will remember some particular food from a ceremony or a special occasion.

# 4 Sleep Pattern

You will face a drastic change in your sleeping pattern. Maybe you have started waking up at random times during the night when you used to sleep through peacefully. Or perhaps you start getting tired much earlier than normal. Your sleeping pattern is sure to get a bit crazy during a crown chakra awakening.