Helpful Tips to Survive the Rest of Mercury Retroshade- Retrograde’s Sneaky Sibling

The whole truth and nothing but will inevitably come bubbling to the surface during this cycle, so choose your battles wisely…and consider yourself warned!

You may have noticed the past week has been a little rough. Things haven’t been going your way, communication has been a bit difficult, or you’ve been feeling off. Well the problems have all been caused by Mercury Retroshade, which is Mercury Retrograde’s less cruel but definitely still problematic sibling. These tips will help you survive everything that Retroshade is about to throw your way.

The Mercury retrograde shadow phase happens about two weeks before and after the planet’s backspin. It helps us prepare (before) and process (after).

Not Any Easier. Mercury retrograde may be over but that doesn’t mean that life is going to get any easier for you. Enter Mercury retroshade.

Shadow Period. Retroshade is a shadow period that happens when a planet goes back to direct spin again. Mercury’s shadow officially began on October 28, 2018, and will linger until December 24, 2018, but the Retroshade period only just began.

Treat Them the Same. It’s best to treat retroshade like retrograde. Use it as a time for reflection, try to learn from your past.

Smoothly. If you want the rest of the time to run smoothly, it’s better to start preparing now. Use these tips to help you survive.

Communicate Clearly. Communication is just as wonky now as it was during retrograde, so remember to take special care. Misunderstandings are going to happen so your best course of action is to listen closely and speak clearly. Don’t assume that people are going to understand what you’re saying.

Take Time to Speak. Take some time to think about what you’re going to say before you actually say it. You’ll save yourself a heap of trouble this way. You may find yourself saying something you wish you hadn’t of if you don’t.

Self Reflection. As mentioned before, this is the perfect time for self reflection. Take some time for yourself to look back on your past mistakes, but make sure not to beat yourself up. This is a time to learn and better yourself.

Letting Go. While you’re reflecting take some time to practice forgiveness and letting go. Holding onto negative emotions is just going to make things harder for you.

No Risks. Sorry, but this is not the time to do anything risky. You don’t hear it often but this is the time for you to stay in your comfort zone. Relax a little, enjoy some time with old friends, and participate in traditions. Once the retroshade has lifted, go crazy!

Mess. Expect a lot of anxiety, stress, and confusion. Retroshade is messy. But you can help fight it by figuring out techniquest to calm yourself and find some zen. Sit aside some time during the day to meditate or just unwind. You’ll thank us later.

Back it Up. Retroshade can have some negative effects on technology. So make sure you save everything frequently and back up everything just to make sure you don’t run into a lot of trouble.

Battery Draining. You may also notice that the battery life on your devices have just not been as good as usual. This is all thanks to retroshade. Make sure you keep around some portable chargers and batteries just in case.

Hold Off On Travel . Traveling is the most difficult during this time. So if you’re thinking of going out of town, it’s best to wait until retroshade is over.

Be Prepared. Make sure that you’re prepared for the worst. Make sure you have back up plans. Then make sure you have back up plans for those. Make sure to have a few options for New Years Eve just in case. If you do need to travel make sure you have a print-out of the directions just in case GPS fails you.