What Is Your Goddess Spirit Animal?

If you’re interested in spirituality and self-discovery, like we are at MysticalRaven , then this quiz is for you!

Sure, you probably have more than a few crystals in your home, and you might know your star signs personality traits like the back of your hand. But what you may not know much about is the concept of goddess animals.

There are countless possible goddess animals that could represent you, but these four are the most prominent.

All you have to do is choose the animal that you feel represents you, and read the corresponding Goddess influence associated with it.

1. Bee Goddess:

You are incredibly hardworking.

The bee goddess is impressively driven, conscientious and hardworking. If this sounds like you, we bet you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty or get stuck into a particular task. You’re a team player who can always be counted on, but you’re also an independent soul who will crack on with an errand whether other people are getting involved or not.

Don’t be afraid to take it easy from time to time. Even bee goddesses need breaks.

2. Bird Goddess:

You are the activist in your social group.

A bird goddess is fueled by a passion for friendship, socialising and making lasting connections with others. This type of animal goddess also seeks to make the world a better place by encouraging and inspiring others to fight the good fight.

If you’re the activist within your social circle and you have a real knack for influencing other people, it sounds like you could be a bird goddess. Be wary of taking on too much or overworking yourself. Meditation and mindfulness could do you the world of good.

3. Cat Goddess:

You are a curious yet passionate person.

If you have a strong set of moral values and you find that these beliefs influence your behaviour, decisions and passions, it sounds like you’re a cat goddess. A cat goddess is a passionate soul who isn’t afraid to fight for what’s right. You’re fierce and independent but you’re also devoted to lifting other people up and helping them achieve their own dreams and ambitions.

As you explore your way through life, you’re bound to meet people who don’t share the same beliefs that you do. Don’t worry about the opinions of these people. You can’t please everyone!

4. Snake Goddess

You feel the emotions of others and are analytical.

Snake goddesses are symbolic of life, energy, healing and spiritual movement. If you’re empathetic towards others and you find yourself feeling similar emotions to those around you, this could be a sign that you’re a snake goddess.

Being a snake goddess can make you a fantastic friend and understanding companion. However, immersing yourself too deeply in the lives of others can sometimes cause more harm than good. Maintaining strong boundaries can protect you from taking on other people’s emotional turmoil while also enabling you to respect their space.

Do you feel like your animal was a perfect match, or did you resonate more with something else?