Your Weekly Tarot Reading For December 11th: Endings And New Beginnings

With 12 tarot cards associated with 12 Major zodiac signs in Astrology, you will get a better idea of how the two brilliant sciences accurately sync up to depict the comprehensive picture of the week ahead.

Scroll down to find your sign and read your weekly tarot forecast!

Aries Tarot Weekly Card Readings 11 December – 17 December, 2017

Your aspirations and desires are high and so are your efforts. The week puts you in some important assignment or project. You are the creator of your destiny. You are skilled, capable and hard working and can do justice to your work. Balance, adjustment, honesty and dedication etc feeling, shall also rule you. You can achieve success in court case. Any legal hassle, concerning divorce case, property issue will turn into your favor. Haste and rash decision are not advised in this period. This may lead to spoil the environment and turn the situation against you. Release your burden; delegate your duties, as over exhaustion may harm your health. Balance diet, balance work, balanced emotions are the key words of this week. End of the week, some negative energy will surround you and disturb you but you will have patience and courage and find the solution of every problem.

Taurus Tarot Weekly Card Readings 11 December – 17 December, 2017

You are a person of principles in this week. You feel active and ready to do any responsibility coming on the way with you free will. This is an action packed week. Some senior person in the family or work area may put on you some extra work or try to dominate over your. A female relative or your boss plays an instrumental role to turn the life path. In mid week you feel relaxed, calm & compose and enjoy the happiness blessed by God. Domestic harmony, mutual understanding with family member and support of parents will be experienced by you. Buying a new house or house warming is also there in the card. Children are doing well. Be cautions of some one’s sharp intelligence which may hurt you in end of the week. There will be action, reaction, manifestation of desires and contentment too. Remember success comes after hurdles it is not served on the plate. Those who achieved it they are lucky and blessed ones.

Gemini Tarot Weekly Card Readings 11 December – 17 December, 2017

The week starts with good message or happy note. There may be increment in your salary, some promotion or getting a desired project or assignment on your part. You are intelligent, analytical and have large vision. This will lead you to handle your professional responsibilities with ease and in more practical way. You have the ability to preside the meeting and empress others. In mid week, travel is indicated, with some important purpose, most probably on professional front. Focus, and perseverance and sticking to your goals shall result in positive result. Travel will be successful and create great amount of opportunities with financial gain in future. This is the time to put your best, hundred percent, and reap the fruits in whatever you are doing as stars favor you. End of the week, you will feel relaxed and see your bank balance increasing. Those aspiring for a child, conception may be blessed by Almighty in this week.

Cancer Tarot Weekly Card Readings 11 December – 17 December, 2017

Cancerains are in the trap of their own negative thoughts. Some constraints are laid them back. You are not seeing the great opportunities coming on the way. The beginning of the week though is not so good but as the week progress you will feel relaxed and hopeful. Optimism shall give you confidence. A new spark of creativity or spirituality will be experienced. A great business deal, or meeting with an important business person is possible in this week. You feel financially secured, and happy. End of week you will get busy in pursuing your spiritual and materialistic goals as well. Cosmetics, jewelry, apparel and pleasure activities shall attract you. You spend money to groom yourself and beautify the homes environment. Be cautions of lust and greed as overindulgence may harm you. Sunday is good for leisure pursuits.

Leo Tarot Weekly Card Readings 11 December – 17 December, 2017

Leos are feeling like a struggler, you want to achieve something but are not successful. In this rat race, Survival of the fittest theory works well. Either make yourself so strong or use your skills and potentials to defeat your rivals and competitors. You can do that. Fight the competition with determination and thrust, success is yours. In mid week, you feel to curtail your expenses as you are doing over expenses. Cheek your budget, your documents and taxes should be paid in due time. Loan, installments and any pending money (given or taken) should be cleared. This is the time to plan your finances, and use it in more constructive way. However, end of the week, you be prepare for a travel with family to a pleasure trip most probably to meet your friends and relatives. No. 7 is important for you in this week. Meeting with a person whose birth No. is 7 will be auspicious.

Virgo Tarot Weekly Card Readings 11 December – 17 December, 2017

Virgos are very mature and behave as counselor and a true guidance can be expected from them. You have the power and authority of your action and control over emotions. You have great and charismatic personality who can inspire others. You are true, sincere and generous too. All these qualities are reflected in your persona. In mid week, there is great possibility that you will earn well, your finances will be great and you live life king-size. Whatever your ambitions and desires, well get fulfilled in this period. On materialistic plane you are fortunate, spiritualistic goals are also high and can be achieved in this period. Charity, donation, tantra, mantra and yantra will keep you busy. End of the week, you will feel little insecure and don’t want to see the facts. There will be choices. Better, if you take the challenges as it is and choose the right one, intelligently.

Libra Tarot Weekly Card Readings 11 December – 17 December, 2017

Librans will face mixed results in this week. The week weaves happy & some not so pleasant stories for you in the beginning itself, there is rejection, denial, and failure in interview if you have appeared. Your love mate might give you last warning to put the divorce case or may decide to break up with you. You may get aggressive, assertive and demanding which may harm you more. The happy note is that, this is a temporary phase. Let this time pass quietly and intelligently the things are going to fall as per your desire. By end of the week a travel or journey will prove fruitful for you. Great financial gains are indicated in last three days. You will feel secure and established and want to share your happiness with others. Take out the guilt for which you could not achieve, look forward and enjoy the fruits. This is a time for spiritual awakening also.

Scorpio Tarot Weekly Card Readings 11 December – 17 December, 2017

Scorpions will feel mentally charged and strong this very strength well give them happiness and cheerful state of mind. You will have hold over your emotions. You feel like a motivator, a healer to others. You’re past efforts and creative pursuits will fructify in mid of the week. There is victory, wins, accolades and rewards. A letter of appreciations or honors will be coming on the way. You may be recognized or people have respect for you. A great week indeed, enjoy every iota of it! And take some more promises and resolutions for the better life. Nothing seems to be impossible; you are hard working, confident and determined. The week fulfills your, emotional needs – there will be love, support from the mother and good earning too. New job opportunities with better perspective will be coming to you wait! And prepare yourself to do the best!

Sagittarius Tarot Weekly Card Readings 11 December – 17 December, 2017

If you are under pressure and feel constraints, it is better to release yourself from negative thoughts. These dark and false illusions which are ruling you nothing but some deep rooted fear and phobias that clouding your unconscious mind and not allowing you to sleep. The beginning of the week, you are tensed and want to avoid the situation you are put in. You want to take some rest disappear from the scene. Good thing you are doing, introspection is the way to understand the situation and rejuvenate yourself. Then take over the charge you will travel in this week on account of your profession. Attending meetings, seminars, and assigning new business deals in distant land is on the card. Most of you well earn good amount of money in the week. A good message or arrival of an important person in your life is indicated. The person will bring good opportunities or source of happiness for you.

Capricorn Tarot Weekly Card Readings 11 December – 17 December, 2017

Capris are working hard to prove themselves. This is a great effort; this is the right time to hone your skills, and hobbies. You are multi dimension person and each phase of your personality finds a new way in this period. Talents and capabilities are being noticed and rewarded. Spending time in Tantra, Mantra and Meditation shall interest you. In mid week, new relations, new friendship is possible. Take care in this regard fraud or treachery is possible. Lucid understanding and mental reasoning reach their peak. You can clear away the fog that have held you back, the time is to act now and to set your mind to accomplish your goals, you can achieve anything you desire. You can also experience spiritual break through. Surmounting your obstacles in your everyday life with confidence, quick action and dedication to your goals, will not only get you success but your hard efforts well be recognized by all.

Aquarius Tarot Weekly Card Readings 11 December – 17 December, 2017

The week starts with the realization of cohesive vision without which there can be no final success you are bold and daring to go to the world and show your power to everyone. It is also a good time for friendship. It’s important to plan ahead, and know where you are heading before you set off on your journey. Uncertainty & hesitation have no place for you. You value duty and loyalty, and responsibilities and hold true to your words. Others will respect you and friends well stay at your side through anything. You will be realistic in the pursuit of your goals. Leave nothing chance, make plans and outline objectives. You have great potentials for success if you stay firmly grounded. In end of the week, there are chances to earn more. You will feel nostalgic and remember your old associates and friends. Meeting with old friends or getting gifts from then is on the card. Enjoy the bliss!

Pisces Tarot Weekly Card Readings 11 December – 17 December, 2017

Hi Pisces! The week rules over your emotions. You spend your time with your loved ones emotional pursuits shall attract you more. In first two days there are chances that you strengthen your existing relationship and find happiness in it. Those who are single can find a companion who will share the most inner feeling with you and find contentment. A perfect bonding or partnership in business is on the card. Mid week is not so positive, some negative or real life implications would be possible. A sudden or unexpected failure may be the cause of trouble. But you will be able to change this outcome but most of the time you will enlighten your mental and spiritual powers for good. You will learn now to come out of your mistakes and misdeeds, you will learn from your pains and draw wisdom from your defeat. The best part is your soul mate is with you in the tough time. That is great!

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