Are You Just Seeing What You Want, Or Is The Universe Really Communicating With You?


We are all seeking answers from the universe about our lives.

Whether you believe in signs or a guardian angel looking out for you or just good karma, we all hope that there is something transcendent that has a hand in our fate. Humans are naturally vulnerable and curious beings so it is no surprise that we believe in something bigger than ourselves, even if we cannot see it or explain it.

We seek confirmation from the universe that our next steps are the right ones. We want a sign that walking away from a person or a place or a job wasn’t a mistake. Sometimes the decisions we make are hard to live with and when we see the signs we feel better about them.

We all desire a direct connection to the universe. We all want a sign of some sort -and believe it or not the signs are here every day.

But are you only seeing the signs you want to be seeing?

Are you walking right past every “no” the universe is trying to show you and only stopping at the “yes” because it’s easiest? Or vice versa?

It’s easier to dismiss the signs or ignore them when they aren’t what we wanted. When we get a positive sign it’s easier to believe. We see people like that too. It’s easier to love them when everything is good and infinitely more difficult when they challenge or disappoint us.

If you believe in it, there are signs. The universe daring you to be brave enough to do what you want despite the voice in your head. Or begging you to think twice out of concern for your well-being.

You are thinking of quitting your job and the next day see an ad for a job you would prefer. That is a sign, but only if you allow it to be. If you allow yourself to forget about coincidence and believe in fate, in something you can’t explain.

You keep thinking about breaking up with your significant other but in the following week you find yourself reminded of all the things you love about them. You start to remember everything good and suddenly you’re wondering if you still want to walk away. That is a sign if you allow it to be. The universe putting your beautiful memories on display as a way to show you that perhaps it’s not the right time to walk away from that person.

Freedom lies in acceptance. When you learn to accept the answers the universe shows you, you are free from the self-inflicted burden of full responsibility. But before you can accept the signs from the great beyond you must learn to recognize them.

Allow yourself to have an open mind. Only then will you be able to see the signs around you as more than coincidence. Only then will be able to accept all the answers, both the good and the bad, which the universe is communicating to you.

Only then will you be able to stop doubting the path you’re on and start believing in not only yourself but in the world.