12 Types Of Toxic People Who Will Ruin Your Life

The world is an interesting place and there is so much diversity. Of course, in such a complex and large system there are all kinds of people. There is good and bad in everybody and no one is perfect BUT there are people who are just not good and have bad intentions. Anyone who puts you down and does not treat you with respect is not someone you want to be associating with.


These are 12 signs that your life has some toxic elements that need to be filtered out and removed:


#12 Your gut tells you


Don’t ever doubt your gut instinct and what your heart tells you. Majority of the times you will be right if you trust your instincts. If you are with a toxic person, be it a friend or a spouse you will JUST know. You will find it too hard and too taxing to constantly be putting up with their shit. If you are ever in a situation where something feels off, don’t think twice, just get out.


#11 Frequent loss of temper


Everybody loses their temper from time to time but a truly toxic person is angry or having a temper tantrum pretty much all the time. They will constantly react and respond in anger no matter what the situation is and we all know how anger works, you won’t be able to get through to them at all. The frequent loss of temper and the constant blame being put on you is a clear indication that you are in the company of a truly toxic person.


#10 The retrogressive


You are never supposed to hold on to your past but let it go and move forward. Some people, however, truly enjoy putting you back in your old situations or habits and seem to live in a stagnant state. These types of friends will somehow manage to stop you from making your own progress and moving on. Since they don’t want to move forward, they won’t let you escape your old ways either.


#9 The control freak


We all know this type; a person who will make you or manipulate you into doing their work. They are the type of people who are extremely stubborn and dominating especially when it comes to your friendship. They like things to be a certain way and want it in that way only. Other people’s convenience does not matter to them and they will make sure to try and control as many aspects as possible.


#8 The victim

A toxic person will always play the role of a victim and nothing that this person does is ever wrong. It is also never the person’s fault. Somehow, the victim always managed to spin every situation in their favor and will project that blame on to someone else. They believe that they have been wronged and have been treated unfairly whether or not that is the case. Someone who cannot take any responsibility for themselves is NOT a friend but a burden that you need to remove.

#7 Lack of compassion

Such people have a major and visible lack of compassion unless the problem pertains to them. They are totally unconcerned about other people and could not care less about anyone else’s loss or problems. However, the moment the problem relates to them, they will immediately have a change of heart. People who believe in the NIMBY (Not in my backyard) syndrome are not ones who will genuinely care for you.

#6 Narcissistic types

Don’t make friends with vain-headed people, they are terrible friends. Some people take that to another level and will go past being vain to being plain narcissistic. Such people are beyond obsessed with themselves and will go on and on forever talking about what good people they are. They would literally only strike up a conversation to talk about themselves. People who are full of themselves don’t deserve any listeners.

#5 Jealous and envious

Such people are extremely difficult to be around or even talk to. These jealous types will always de-mean your success and will always make it seem less. This is only if they are not a part of it. Such people will always put your success down and minimize your achievements but don’t ever let them get to you. It stems from their insecurity to reach where you did!

#4 The drama never ceases

Where they go, the drama goes. You will notice such a trend that wherever they are, there will be some amount of uneasiness and drama. Toxic people thrive on drama and will be the first to spread rumors and lies which will result in unnecessary drama.

#3 The critic

People who constantly criticize you and tell you that you aren’t good enough do not deserve to be called friends. They will never have any advice or suggestions for you but will only tell you all the things you are doing wrong. These people will constantly put you down in order to feed their twisted sense of self-worth.

#2 Always right, never wrong

These people will go to any extent to prove that they are always right and never wrong. It does not matter what the situation is or even if there were physically present or not, the point is that at the end of the day whatever they say is correct.

#1 People who just love to gossip

These people just love to be little gossip girls and will live on gossip. They will start it, spread it, and add to it. Be wary of people who bring gossip to you as you never know what you say to them will be spoken of somewhere else. The only solution to this is to not encourage it, not participate in it, and not listen to it. They say ignorance is bliss and in this case, it probably is.