7 Things that Instantly Reveal your True Personality

There are some basic things that can reveal your personality.

From the moment you meet someone for the first time, you want to evaluate directly who they are and what they represent.


This is precisely why you are might looking for specific features such as honesty, courtesy, intelligence.


By paying attention to these things, you can also conclude if what you want to pursue is a closer relationship with this person or not.


Such conclusions can prove to be particularly beneficial in big decisions, such as when it comes to creating a romantic relationship, hiring someone or accepting a job.


Based on these things, people judge personality and identify who you are or who you may not be.


1. Your handwriting


The way one writes and the size of his handwriting can tell reveal certain things about him. According to the survey conducted by the National Pen Company, it is revealed that people with small handwriting tend to be shy, crafty and scholarly while people who are more extrovert try to attract attention with a larger handwriting.


Those who take things seriously put more pressure on the pen when they write, while light-handed writers are usually more sympathetic and sensitive.


2. The colors you wear


According to an article from Psychology Today, the colors you wear most often can say a lot about your personality. People who often choose dark colors are sensitive, artistic and attentive to details, while those who love the red live life to the fullest and are more dynamic.

People who love green are loyal and affectionate, while those who love white are organizational and sensible. Finally, those who have blue as their favorite color are stable, sensitive and considerate of others.

3. Biting your nails

Specific repetitive body behaviors can also reveal your personality. Your body’s reaction to specific situations, whether it’s pulling your hair, biting your nails, or stinging your skin may signal impatience, indignation, boredom, and dissatisfaction.

Take, for example, nail-biting. According to a study, those who bite their nails tend to be perfectionists, as well as strong personalities and often nervous.

4. Your shoes

According to psychologists, you can judge a person simply by looking at his shoes. According to Kansas University researcher Omri Gillath, simply by looking at the cost, style, color, and condition of the shoe, it is possible to guess about 90% of the owner’s personality, as well as his income, his political beliefs, his gender, and even his age.

5. Your eyes

The eyes are the mirror of the soul. Your eyes tell a lot about you, about what you think and feel and whether you are dishonest or loyal. According to surveys, people with blue eyes are less aggressive and more likely to become alcoholics than people with darker eyes.

Another way the eyes betray is the lack of stability in sight, which reveals a lack of self-control and a weak will.

6. Your consistency

How early or late you appear in an appointment could create a positive or negative impression about your personality. Delaying an important appointment creates a negative impression of who you are while being on your appointment sooner means that you respect the time of other people, you are more mentally organized and you have strong internal motives.

7. Your handshake

It has been discovered that people with strong handshakes exude confidence and reflect a strong and powerful character. Such people are more likely to be extrovert, expressive in their feelings, and less likely to be self-restrained.

People with weak handshakes, on the other hand, have a lack of self-confidence and often tend to choose the easy way out from a problem. The handshake alone could highlight the difference between the one who is distant from the one who is frankly friendly.

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