Why the ENFP and INFJ are Perfect for Each Other

The ENFP and INFJ will instantly have a connection. There may be some reasons that the two will have a falling out, but to be honest — the two intrinsically understand each other and balance each other out.

For every Myers Briggs personality, there’s a counterpart that makes an almost perfect fit.

Attraction to Each Other

Both the INFJ and ENFP will feel instant attraction to each other. They both have pieces the other one desires. The INFJ wants to be understood and needs help coming out of their shell because they are the most rare personality making them feel constantly like their ideas and feelings don’t fit in with the rest of the way the group feels. The INFJ also struggles with being quiet because their dominate function is introverted intuition.

ENFP are primarily information gatherers, but through extroverted intuition. To the INFJ, the ENFP talks in the way the INFJ is taking in information. This is all very pleasing and creates an ESP effect.

The INFJ may be surprised at just how much the ENFP actually craves time by themselves and melting with more independent creative ideas. The ENFP will also be surprised by the army of friends that the seemingly shy INFJ accumulates. They’re both well liked people and sometimes struggle with people pleasing. Their family centered and will put a lot of energy toward building and raising a family well. When they’re both certain they want to stay with each other, they’ll put less energy toward friends. They get emotionally motivated toward each other.

Remember, There’s More to Life Than Myers Briggs

Though you may have initial attraction and great chemistry, remember there’s other factors at play. You need to consider if you’re trying to be romantic what kind of background the other person has. You two may click to the moon and back, but it may be impossible to close the gap if there’s two much difference of where your lives came from, where they are now, and where they’re going.

The ENFP and INFJ both have tendencies to be hippies. They want to play and create in the world, not be tied down to paying bills. These personalities need careers that make their passions shine, not necessarily their bank accounts. If they have the immediate things taken care of in their physical surroundings, they’re happy campers. They need their fill when it comes to imagination and fantasy. I suggest that they live in a space that doesn’t require a lot of belongings because less is more for them — and we’ll keep them from going bankrupt.

How to Tell it’s an INFJ and ENFP Connection

1. Everything else and everyone else in the room will not be in focus at all. They’ll be so focused on their inner world and the inner world exchange that they experience that everything else gets tuned out. They’re in their own little world — and it’s completely harmless.

2. Hyperactive spontaneity. If you’re an INFJ and you think you’re not spontaneous, something isn’t right. You might not be an INFJ, because the INFJ loves the random — it gives their introverted intuition a major jolt. The ENFP and INFJ will get their selves into serious randomness with little to no planning.

3. This combination turns into a powerful duo of jokes. The ENFP starts the joke off and the INFJ comes in with the punchline — and they keep going with that energy.

4. They’ll stare at each other from a far. They like the connection, so they’ll keep checking on them from afar when they can’t be right next to each other. INFJ has a powerful set of eyes, and they know it, so they’re careful with those eyes. An INFJ has Cyclops eyes and Jean Grey’s mind.

5. If you’re witnessing an ENFP and INFJ connection you’ll probably be wondering why the heck the two are not together yet.

6. People will notice the connection and ask about it.

7. The two will plan to only spend a little bit of time with each other and then be together for an entire night… which is what they really wanted anyway.

8. The ENFP will keep picking the INFJ and the INFJ will make obstacles to see if the ENFP is set on them. An INFJ will literally find another prospective lover and say, “Don’t you want to talk to them?” And the ENFP will either say “no” or push that person away. The ENFP knows how to decide on a person, and the INFJ has to check to make sure there’s loyalty.

9. The ENFP will get louder and louder and louder. The INFJ will get wittier and wittier and wittier.

10. Deep, sensual hugs. They can communicate without words and just convey it all in a hug.

11. They will serve others. They want to make sure those around them are okay. They make a perfect counseling team.

12. Don’t confuse the ENFP for only wanting to be around the herd. He wants the INFJ all to himself. It will be a noticeable goal.

13. The INFJ may be slow to the ENFP’s advances. Have patience… they’re likely to come around.

14. The two are both idiosyncratic, having created their own personal world their entires lives. When they come across each other, they’re surprised the world they’ve created fits someone else.

15. These are two of the most intelligent personalities. They occasionally try to hide their brains so they can fit into a group situation. Don’t be surprised if they jump in conversation from philosophy, religion, math, to cartoons, UFOS, and unicorns.

16. They’re both dominated by information gathering — they express affection by large info dumps and seeing how all those dots can connect.

17. Creative expressions — late night jams, dancing, pottery making, poetry reading, cooking, and painting.

18. You’ll see the INFJ be more comfortable than you’ve ever seen and more out of their shell. You’ll see the ENFP more balanced… and also insane.

19. They hate conflict, but they know how to resolve it with kindness over arrogance.

20. They seem like two giant big kids, somehow still innocent… and also with the dirtiest minds you’ve ever seen.

By Andrea Lawrence