6 Ways The October New Moon Will Affect Your Love Life

The new moon happens on the 19th. This is the stage of the moon during which the illuminated side is facing away from Earth, making the moon seemingly invisible. While the full moon is a time for endings, the new moon is a time for, you guessed it, beginnings. New moon = start something new. Makes sense, right?

Though, this doesn’t always have to mean starting something completely new. It can simply mean you’re starting something over or resetting something. If you and your boyfriend have gotten into a huge fight, this could be a moment in which you decide to scrap all the resentment and move on together. If you’ve maybe had a lull in your relationship, this new moon could be the start of a new exciting time for you and your partner.

Just remember that new beginning come in all shapes and sizes, just as all endings do.

6. The New Moon Is Also A Time For Breaking Old Habits

Because the new moon is a time of resetting, it can be about breaking bad habits rather than starting new things.

In terms of yourself, you can use this time to take up running, try out that hot yoga class, or actually make it to that spin class. If you’re always late, mentally concentrate on being on time. Whatever your flaw or shortcoming is, try to break it with the new moon.

We all also have shortcomings and flaws in our relationships, so the new moon can be a time in which you address those as well. Are you short-tempered? Do you have a bad habit of scrolling through his text messages when he’s not looking? Are you passive aggressive? Address what it is you’d like to work on and make those changes to yourself.

The new moon can also be a time to break bad habits of the relationship. If you’ve gotten into a funk of staying in an watching too much TV, make an effort to go out on the town.

5. The New Moon Can Symbolize A New Journey

The full moon is usually about getting to the peak of something, like finally hooking up with that guy you’ve been flirting with or finally ending that relationship. On the other hand, the new moon is all about the beginning of something. It can be about a new guy you’re interested in, which is the most magical thing of all in the fall. Um, haunted houses with a new crush? YES, PLEASE.

However, this new journey is not limited to just a new guy. A new moon can bring about a new phase in the relationship. It may be talk about a new phase, like moving in together, an engagement, or adopting a dog together.

This is also a great time to spice up a dull relationship. If things have felt too comfortable, think about embarking on a new journey during the new moon. Ask your partner to take cooking classes with you or try a new kinky position with you. Whatever the case, you can harness the power of the new moon to bring back like into your relationship.

4. Starting A New Relationship Is Recommended Under A New Moon

Starting a new relationship can be difficult. It needs to be the right guy, at the right time, and the right spot. So many different things need to come together to make a new relationship actually work. That said, having the power of the stars on your side can only help if you’re trying to start up a relationship with someone new.

If you are trying to evoke the power of stars to help get a relationship off the ground, the best time to being a new relationship is under a new moon. Guys, it’s easy to remember. New moon = new relationship.

If there’s someone in your life who you’d like to be dating, try to make it official or express your interest to make it official during a new moon. It’s during this time that people are all more enthusiastic about starting a new journey or new phase of their life.

3. You Can Also Use The New Moon To Focus On Yourself

The full moon and the new moon can affect your relationships, but they can also affect your relationship with yourself. And hey, Carrie Bradshaw once said your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship of all. Yes, Carrie Bradshaw delivered that little nugget of wisdom and don’t you forget it.

Instead of focusing on a relationship during the new moon, it’s sometimes best to focus on yourself during this time. Use the new moon to take a bath and reconnect with yourself. Spend a weekend by yourself, doing only things you want to do. If you’ve never been out to dinner by yourself or to the movies by yourself, now is the time to bravely do these things alone. And I do mean bravely. How often is it that you see people eating alone or watching a movie alone? It’s rare and they always seem like people who have all the confidence. Well, be that person! Connect with yourself.

2. During The New Moon, Try Setting Intentions For The First Time

If you’ve ever taken a yoga class, you’ve likely heard the phrase ‘set an intention,’ as many teachers will say it before a class. Setting an intention basically means asking the universe for something. It’s opening yourself up to the universe and asking for that comfort in your own skin, that peace of mind, that job promotion, or that endless energy. It can be as specific or as general as you’d like. Your intention could literally be to own that Chanel bag you’ve had your eyes on for forever. I mean, that’s a materialistic intention, but there’s not really rules about what intentions are off limits.

When the new moon comes, it’s the best time to set an intention into the universe, as it’s a clean slate. Whether it’s a purse, promotion, or peace, you should sit down and meditate for thirty minutes during the new moon. This will allow the universe to open up to you in ways you’ve never known.

1. Scorpio Season Is Coming, Ladies

The new moon is on the 19th and Scorpio season starts on October 23rd, so they are very close to one another. You could even see this new moon as the early beginning to Scorpio season.

And what exactly is Scorpio season? Well, the sign of the Scorpio is known as the most passionate, most secretive sign. Scorpios are ruled by their passions. They’re the type of people who will move across the country for a relationship. They’re the type of people who elope. Scorpios also play things close to the vest. They are secretive and private. This mixture of sensuality and secrecy can make for an explosive time. Basically, if you’re going to have an affair, you’re most likely going to have it during Scorpio season. You may find yourself posting hot Snapchats all to get the attention of that one guy who follows you.

Be aware that the new moon will be followed by feelings on passion and privacy. Don’t go down the wrong path just because it’s Scorpio season. Reset yourself during the new moon and be your best self during Scorpio season.

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