6 Types Of People In Your Life It’s Time You Finally Let Go Of

As you get older, you start to realize how much of an impact the people in your life have on you. Which is why it’s so important that you take a good hard look at the people in your life. Sure, some of them might be funny and entertaining. But overall, are they good people? And even more importantly, are they the kind of people you need in your life? If any of your friends (or maybe even your significant other) sound like these six types of folk, it might be time to re-think the relationship entirely:

The Friend Who’s Never There For You


Do you have a friend who never texts back or makes plans to see you? But the second he or she needs something, they’re banging down your front door. Familiar? Yeah, that friend isn’t really a friend! They’re someone who only thinks about their feelings…not yours. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.


The Friend Who Only Texts You Late At Night


The friend (who’s probably a guy) who only texts you late at night is clearly only interested in one thing and one thing only: YOU…in his bed (or any bed). Hopefully, you catch our drift. If not, ask a friend and we’re sure they’ll be able to shine a light on the situation. You don’t need this type of person in your life. If he’s not texting you during the day and making plans to take you out on dates, he ain’t someone you need in your life.


The Friend Who Talks Behind Your Back


Honestly, why is this chick still apart of your squad? Maybe you don’t want to be rude and drop her, but you should! If she’s talking behind your back she’s probably talking behind other people’s backs and neither you or your besties need her around anymore. First, we recommend speaking to this girl about her tendencies. And then, if nothing changes, go ahead and press the “delete” button on her.


The Friend Who’s Always The Victim


The excuses, the complaints. That’s what you get from this type of friend. He or she is always the victim of every situation. They got fired because their boss had something against them…not because they were a horrible employee. Friends like these are annoying because they’ll never accept responsibility for their actions. Which means, most things will be your fault (even when they’re not).


The Friend Who Tells Nothing But Lies


THE LIES! You can’t trust someone who’s a pathological liar, you just can’t. Every word out of their mouth is either a lie or a half-truth (which is basically a lie). How are you supposed to be friends with someone who doesn’t tell you the truth? Oh, right you can’t. Don’t try to be friends with someone you have to constantly question.

The Friend Who’s Overly Confident

here’s a difference between being confident and arrogant. You don’t want to be around someone who’s arrogant because they think they’re better than you (and everyone else) and they have no problem showing that to you (and everyone else).

If you have any of these types of people in your life, do yourself a favour and walk away before more damage is done.

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