What Your Hairstyle Says About You, According To Men

Short, long, curly or straight- how you wear your hair can say a lot about who you really are. In fact people make instant assessments about your personality, simply by looking at your hair.

Short and Styled



What it says: A short haircut exudes self-assuredness. The pixie cut is at once no-frills and elegant, avant-garde and classic. This is the rare haircut that can complement both a fashion-forward twenty-something and a refined, elegant woman.





What it says: A signature ponytail indicates someone who balances an efficient, low-key demeanor with classic style. Since this style can be worn sleek and straight, textured and edgy, or glammed up with the right accessories, a ponytail tells the world that you are ready to conquer everything, from the boardroom to the yoga room.


Undone Bun



What it says: The carefree sister to the classic chignon, an undone bun adds a dash of casual glamour to the polished bun. If this is your daily, you’re likely creative, imaginative, and resourceful.


Classic Chignon

What it says: There’s a reason the chignon(bun) hairstyle has endured—it’s an elegant classic that adds instant sophistication, from the ballet barre to a corporate event. It announces that you’re a poised woman who balances a confident attitude with a graceful femininity. It can accompany a gown as effortlessly as it pairs with jeans and a button-down shirt. That is some serious versatility.

Natural Curls

What it says: If you have naturally curly hair and opt to ditch the flat iron, you understand one very important principle of personal style: If you’ve got it, flaunt it. This hairstyle is a clear signal to the world that you are confident and true to yourself. However you wear this style—short, medium, or long—you’re an original who knows a thing or two about personal style.


What it says: If a braid is your go-to hairstyle, you balance attention to detail with an unaffected grace. A braid adds visual interest to hair, and can be worn simply or elaborately, depending on the occasion. Simple braids recall the laidback look of the seventies while more intricate braids have an upbeat, modern vibe.

Big Waves

What it says: Loose curls and big waves are an instant call to romance. If you wear your hair in this style, you’re a dreamer who sees infinite possibilities in day-to-day experiences.

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