How To Impress Each Zodiac Sign With One Single Question

It’s nothing to be ashamed about. After all, which one of us hasn’t looked up the zodiac sign of our crush and tried to match personalities? There are people all over the world who believe that a zodiac sign behaves in a particular set way, and look for partners to reflect those qualities.

There are instances when you’re out with someone for the first time, and are seeking ways to impress them.


Well, we have a foolproof way to gain insights about your date, based on their zodiac sign, just by asking them one question.


Aries – If you could get away with a crime, what would it be?


Horoscope. Zodiac signs-Aries


Those under the zodiac sign of Aries, are proud of their strength and enjoy the rush of being physically active. If you were to ask an Aries what crime they would want to get away with, you would appeal to their excited side.


Taurus – If you could enforce one rule over humanity, what would it be??


Horoscope. Zodiac signs-Taurus


Stubborn to the core, a Taurian loves to get their way. Ask your Taurian this question and watch them ponder over how they would best like to have their dominion over the world. A sure way to get them interested.


Gemini – Infinite sex or infinite food?


Horoscope. Zodiac signs-Gemini

As confused as most sexagenarians are about social media, that’s how uncertain Geminis are when it comes to picking between options. Indecisive as they are, they will positively ponder over what they want for a good while.

Cancer – If animals could talk, which one would be the weirdest?

Horoscope. Zodiac signs-Cancer

Creative and kind, Cancerians have wild imaginations that aid them in their creative endeavours. While they have most definitely thought of talking animals, watch their innovativeness as they determine which animal is the weirdest.

Leo – If you could have the power of invisibility, would you use it for good or evil?

Horoscope. Zodiac signs-Leo

Leos are just like lions, untameable and badass. They also enjoy the prospect of being in-charge and getting to do people their bidding. Asking them about using powers for good or evil, would certainly yield interesting results. Just be prepared for the answer.

Virgo – If you had to wade through garbage for a precious item, would you do it?

Horoscope. Zodiac signs-Virgo

Virgos are notoriously clean and pure. They cannot stand mess or muck, but are also rather sentimental about what is dear to them. Asking a Virgo this scenario might make them frustrated, but it will be extremely cute to watch.

Libra – Would you disorganise your closet and computer over a bet?

Horoscope. Zodiac signs-Libra

Librans are organised and have strict standards of the proper way things should be. We guarantee you, that if you ask a Libra this question, the first thing they would ask is for how much money would they have to ruin their meticulousness for.

Scorpio – What are you currently worrying over?

Horoscope. Zodiac signs-Scorpio

Because they are so smart, Scorpios never stop thinking about things they have to start doing. The best way to understand and know a Scorpio is by asking them what is the one thing that is bugging them. They’ll tell you and you’ll marvel at their wit.

Sagittarius – If you were locked in an asylum, how would you convince them of your sanity?

Horoscope. Zodiac signs-Sagittarius

Wacky and slightly crazy, there’s a good chance that Sagittarians have to prove their sanity, on a few occasions. However, when it comes to convincing authority (whom Sagittarians don’t hold high opinions of), you may have stumped your date into thinking conventionally.

Capricorn – As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Horoscope. Zodiac signs-Capricorn

Capricorns are ambitious AF. They treat every opportunity as an occasion to better themselves or learn a new thing. Chances are, your Capricorn already had a fixed life plan while most of us were still struggling with algebra.

Aquarius – If you could help someone, but it would cost you dearly. Would you still help?

Horoscope. Zodiac signs-Aquarius

Helpful and hardworking, Aquarians like to stay straight and narrow on the path of what’s right. They achieve what they want, out of their own skills, but never refuse a chance to make someone else’s life better.

Pisces – If you could make your own schedule, what would it look like?

Horoscope. Zodiac signs-Pisces

Pisceans are easy-going and fluid by nature. They don’t do too well with restrictions and would run away at the slightest chance of a boring routine. To see how life would be, if they had the flexibility to do their own thing, ask a Pisces this question.

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