Which Game Of Thrones Character Are You, According To Your Zodiac?

Will your sign seat you on the Iron Throne, or fling you Beyond The Wall?

Game Of Thrones may be done for the year, but our obsession with the show certainly isn’t. And while writing about the show or sharing any number of memes and GIFs is easier, we wanted to infuse Game Of Thrones on every level possible, including the zodiac.

So, if we had to match the signs to the characters that still survive and somewhat thrive on the show, here’s what we’d find. Warning – there may be spoilers.

She may not be the last true-born Targaryen, but there’s no denying that Daenerys is as fiery as they get! She’s ready for a fight at a moment’s notice, and can be labelled aggressive, but like the Aries sign, she’s super passionate about her claim to the throne. Also, like every Aries ever, Daenerys also has trouble committing to long-term relationships, because she’s loved and lost before.

Taurus — Brienne Of Tarth

Loyalty should be her middle name, because she inhabits the true Taurus trait of being staunchly protective and loyal to her people. And Brienne of Tarth is just as stubborn as anyone of the Taurus sign, determined to do her duty, even if it kills her.

Gemini — Arya Stark

From being a left-of-centre woman in Winterfell, to gaining knightly qualities and the ability to be a Faceless Man, Arya Stark has a lot going on, just like the Gemini, who refuses to stay steady and has a million things always on the go. And you don’t want to get on their bad side.

Cancer — Sansa Stark

Those of the Cancer sign are known to think with their heart and not their head, and Sansa Stark is just that person. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t have the strength to face adversity. In fact, just like Sansa, people of the Cancer sign are good at braving a storm, because of their devotion to the ones they love.

Leo — Cersei Lannister

Cersei may be the only lion left in the Lannister camp, and for good reason. To be a Lannister is to be a Leo, through and through. Arrogant and self-important, and brilliant at strategy, there’s little that the fiery Leo and the power-hungry Cersei don’t have in common.

Virgo — Lord Varys

Virgos are great secret-keepers, and know how to approach a situation with practicality. And there’s no one who fits that bill better than Lord Varys, who has more secrets than gold in his safes, and puts his pragmatism ahead of even his loyalty. There’s a reason he’s survived this long.

Libra —Tyrion Lannister

Those of the Libra sign are known for their sense of balance and farsightedness, and while they may be called confused or silly in the beginning, they’re the new proven right in the long run. And Tyrion Lannister, who uses his knowledge and strategy to stay alive and thrive, and serve the queen he believes the realm deserves, is exactly that.

Scorpio — Jon Snow

There’s no one who can resist Jon Snow’s charm. He tells it like it is, and isn’t afraid to risk his life, just like the thrill-seeking Scorpio. But bear in mind, like the Scorpio sign, who feels deeply and fully and looks for an intense connection in love, Jon isn’t one to squander his affections away, and is intensely protective of his family.

Sagittarius — Bran Stark

The Sagittarius may be a Fire sign, but it’s one that’s packed with intellectualism and a higher knowledge, much like Bran, who’s now the Three-Eyed Raven. They have a great perceptive ability, the Sagittarians, and Bran uses his abilities to tell the truth, no matter the possibilities of conflict.

Capricorn — Samwell Tarly

If there’s one sign that can’t bear conflict, it’s the Capricorn, who avoids a battle for as long as possible. And Samwell Tarly would rather bury his head in books than constantly engage in battle. But what they perhaps lack in courage, they make up for in resourcefulness.

Aquarius — Tormund Giantsbane

They say the Aquarius is usually better at friendship than at love. And while Tormund may never quite get the love angle right with Brienne, there’s no denying that he’s a far too loyal friend to Jon Snow. And just like the free folk love their independence, the Aquarius is also a sign that loves making its own rules.

Pisces — Gendry The Bull

They may be creators and artists, but the Pisces are by no means crafty. And the same goes for the straightforward and simple Gendry, who relies on his strength and basic instinct (which is a cynical one) to get through the day. And he may or may not have a romantic bone in his body, but like the Pisces, his idealism and ready-to-fight attitude gets him through.

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