5 Brutal Relationship Truths You Need To Know

There are so many articles you can find about relationships, that it can be difficult to decipher truth from fiction. What makes a healthy relationship healthy? What are the real warning signs you have to look out for?

We at Mystical Raven have brought together 5 relationship stereotypes that need to be busted. Prepare for the brutal truth.

1. You must have intense passion at the start of the relationship.

Not true. Actually, sparks tend to fly after you get to know someone really well and intense infatuation usually comes later. Unless you are basing everything off looks. Pay attention to the sense of security and comfort you feel next to a person. If you want to have a strong relationship, it’s more important if you can laugh with one another and trust each other.

2. You will have everything in common.

Not true. Every single one of us is a unique individual, with different interests and hobbies. Just because you enjoy doing something doesn’t mean that your significant other has to as well. Also, don’t be afraid to share your differences- that’s how people grow as a couple. It’s wonderful to learn about the things we have in common so we can feel a sense of togetherness, but learning about other personal interests is just as important.

3. The happiest couples never argue.

Not true. Those who never bother to argue or fight about something usually don’t care. Once the caring has left the relationship, what else is there? Now, this does not mean that abuse of any kind is okay, but small tiffs and raised voices shouldn’t be something to stress over. This happens to everyone at some point, and learning how to work through these differences together is how you build a fortified relationship.

4. You have to like their family (or they have to like yours).

Not true. You chose to be with your partner, and not his/her entire family. While yes, they do come with the package, they certainly shouldn’t be a tipping point on you relationship’s scale. Do not expect your partner to unconditionally love your family and friends. The key is to use healthy ways of communicating how you feel towards each other, and creating boundaries with your families.

5. Happy couples never leave each others side.

Not true. You might believe that the happiest couples are never apart, but that’s just not the case. Eventually, we all want to spend some time alone. In the happiest relationships, you will find that each partner understands this and calmly gives the other person their space. You should never feel guilty for wanting this.

By GKT for mysticalraven.com