How Many Kids You’re Destined To Have Based On Your Zodiac Sign

How many kids do you think you’ll have? Whether it’s zero or it’s 19, your intentions might not align with your Zodiac sign! The stars already have a number in mind that will fit perfectly with your personality. It might surprise you that your preference is already exactly what the stars say your destiny is. We bet you Leo women know you’ll have more than one kid, but how many exactly? If you’re searching for the answer, look no further, because everything you need to know about how many babies you’ll have and why is right here. Maybe you have the capability of changing your destiny, but when you hear what the stars have to say, you probably won’t want to. They know if you’re the motherly type or not. We even added the men who are most likely to want the most children, so this list can totally help you choose your husband.

Here are how many kids you’re destined to have based on your Zodiac sign, and you might be surprised!


15. Pisces



Being a fish sign, the stars think you would be content to have a whole school of fish… which means they have five children in mind for you. While you love to dream, you probably weren’t dreaming of having that many children. You’re romantic, and eventually when you meet the one you love, having lots of children will feel like a romantic notion you must have. Motherhood comes naturally to a Pisces, because your intuitive, emotional, gentle, and above all – wise. Your wisdom will help you navigate the challenging sea of being a parent, and while you will try to escape reality like you have done all your life, you’ll find yourself coming back down to earth to be with your family. They will emphasize the importance of communication with their five children, because they are determined to stop the silly arguments that are bound to happen between siblings. As a water sign, you and motherhood are meant to be, which is why the stars plan on you having five kids.


14. Capricorn


You are a task maker, which means power and structure are important to you; two qualities that make a spectacular parent. The stars are aware of this, and they are also aware of the fact that you are the father sign of the Zodiac – this means you are bound to have three children. Your natural responsibility, discipline, and self-control means three children will be no challenge for you, and you’ll actually relish motherhood. You’ll reflect on it as the greatest experience of your life time, and you and your trio will be incredibly close throughout your entire life. You’re unforgiving, which your children will constantly challenge, but there are few signs that cherish family and tradition more than you. You will be strict but fair with your kids, and even if three feels like too many, you might even wish you had more once they leave the nest.


13. Leo



You are the lion of the Zodiac sign, which means you need a pack to lead. The stars have at least three children planned for you, but it very well could be four. The thought of four children might be terrifying, but you are skilled at multitasking, which means juggling your little pack won’t be as difficult as you imagine. You have a warm heart and you’re generous, which means you love to spoil your children when given the opportunity. They’re your pack; you want to look after them! Your love for vanity, however, will take a hit once you begin having babies. While you will be the queen of your pride, dealing with baby fluids and changing diapers won’t make you feel like royalty anymore. Family will never be a natural priority for the independent Leo, but you’ll always protect your pack. You’re proud of your ancestry and roots through the good and the bad.


12. Virgo

The stars are aware that too many kids for a Virgo would equal infinite amounts of stress and anxiety; this is why you will only ever have one child. You’re practical and hardworking – having more than one baby feels counter intuitive to you, and the stars know it. Despite the fact that motherhood doesn’t come easy to you, you’re very dedicated to your family and understand the importance of tradition, which is why you will bond quickly with your only child and look forward to their birthday and the holidays with overwhelming enthusiasm. You will struggle with over worrying, which might frustrate your child, but motherhood will always be a challenge. You will constantly be taking your child out to enjoy nature because you need to be surrounded by it to feel sane, but this will also work against your child making a constant mess in the house. As a Virgo, cleanliness is a must that you won’t compromise even for your baby.

11. Scorpio

You are the most passionate and fiery of the Zodiac, and the stars see that deep love. They know a soul that loving is bound to a good mother, which is why the stars have big plans for you; you will have five children. Your jaw might drop, but it’s inevitable. Your weaknesses fade away when it comes to your children; there’s no reason to be distrusting or secretive with them. They bring out the best in you and you provide the best for them, because the moment when you become a mother, a Scorpio will dedicate their life to their children. It comes naturally to the water signs, and the Scorpio is no exception. You will drill it in to your kids values that they must be honest at all times, because while they do bring out the best in you, your hatred for dishonesty will never waver. There is no doubt that a Scorpio is fated to have five babies.

10. Aries

When you were younger, the thought of having children felt unnatural, but as soon as you started becoming more mature, the idea of being a mom totally grew on you. Due to your warrior personality, the stars have decided you are the perfect protector, and will defend your children against anything. This means you’re destined to have three or four children. It will most likely only be three, but due to your impulsive nature, the fourth one might catch you by surprise one day when you thought you were done with all the babies. Your passion and honesty will make you a noble mother, and you’ll bestow your best qualities to your kids, no matter what zodiac sign they’re born under. You have a strong dislike for inactivity, and you’re talented at delegating so everyone’s work involves their strongest traits. This will teach your children to excel at what they do best, and why the three or four of them will be extremely talented.

9. Cancer

You are the mother of the Zodiac signs, which means you are the embodiment of a natural mother. You are emotional and sympathetic, which means you will constantly be in tune with your kids moods. This is why the stars predict you’ll have two babies, but there will be several years in between them. You love motherhood, which is why you want to prolong it by putting an age gap between your children. Due to the fact that you hold your own mother to a golden standard, you expect your children will show you zero disrespect. You are also deeply sentimental, which means you will hold every memory of your two babies dear to your heart, documenting every milestone and cherishing every picture. Cancer mothers are known for knowing exactly how their children feel even when they’re miles apart, so expect your bond with your two babies to last forever.

8. Libra

You demand equality and balance, and the stars will support your affinity for symmetry. The stars have an even number of children aligned for you, meaning you’ll have two, four, or maybe even six. There is no likelihood of you having an odd amount of children. You are social, and you will enjoy the companionship your children will offer, but you are defined by your diplomatic skills and cooperation. The early years of having kids will frustrate you, because teaching diplomacy and fairness to a toddler will be the biggest challenge of your life. With time, they will become gracious like you, but it might feel like a life time. Your harmonious environment will be disturbed by your children, but whether it’s two of them or six, they will teach you lessons about fairness that only motherhood could. Your kids are the future leaders of the world, just like you.

7. Aquarius

You’re progressive but you have a childlike personality. This means you’ll only have one kid because you will only have the energy and attention to instil your beliefs on one child, because two would divide your attention and challenge you. You’re temperamental and will struggle with teaching your child how to be emotionally expressive, because you don’t understand how to open up yourself. The thought of motherhood might terrify you, because you associate it with limitations, but it will feel natural when your only baby comes along one day. You will relish only having one child since you will be able to give it all of your attention and not have to delegate. An Aquarius will not be quick to have a baby, so that’s something to keep in mind. There is definitely no doubt that they will only have one.

6. Sagittarius

Since you’re the wanderer, the stars might not even have the capability of tethering your heart down. You are the least likely of the Zodiac to have children, which means if you are to start a family, you will only have one. There is a minuscule chance you will consider children before you’ve traveled the globe, so you’re bound to have your baby much later in life than most of the other signs. There is nothing that you fear more than being limited and constrained, which is why motherhood feels counter intuitive to who you are. Despite this, if you do eventually have your singular child, you will be a very relaxed parent and give your child full freedom from a young age. You won’t place boundaries on them, and you’ll encourage their individuality. You might often find yourself sending them to your parents’ house or leaving them with a friend so you can travel for the weekend.

5. Taurus

While your patience will give you an edge when you’re a mom, you’re also naturally composed and calm. This means while you’ll be able to handle the drama that comes with being a mother, you can easily become overwhelmed, especially since you’re uncompromising with your values. This means you’re bound to have two children. You have strong family values and you’ve always loved kids, which means you’d love more than one child, however any more than two would challenge your life in a negative way. The stars have decided two kids are perfect for you, and they will give you the opportunity to constantly be involved in family customs and routines. They will push your boundaries, because while you hate sudden change and complications, that is inevitable when you have children. As a Taurus, you will maintain order in your household, and you will ingrain those values upon your children as well. You’re bound to be very close to the two of them.

4. Gemini

You have a desire to become a mother because you want the gratification and companionship that you will get. You hate being alone, so having someone to nurture is right up your alley. However, motherhood will challenge you, because being confined by the routine of children and delegating your life around them might lead to you feeling suffocated. You will probably only want to be pregnant once, however, there is a huge chance of you having twins. This is why you’ll only have one child, but the stars might dictate that you’ll have two at the same time. Your dual personality will mean you’ll easily entertain your children, and your ability to adapt while being gentle and affectionate will mean they trust you deeply. However, you must be careful with your patience, because your tendency to be nervous wears you done. While you’ll definitely only want one child when the time comes around, be wary that the stars have twins in mind for you.

3. Cancer (Men)

Bonus! We’ve added the top three male Zodiac signs that are most likely to have the most kids. If you’re searching for a man that wants to make an entire herd of babies, these are the men for you. However, if your current boyfriend is any of these signs… you might want to reconsider your future with him. Who is the most likely of all men to have over five children? Cancer men are! Considering that they are one of the two parental signs of the Zodiac, they have a difficult time envisioning their future if it means they won’t be surrounded by children. If you’re a career woman, this might be the perfect husband for you, because he would be more than happy to stay at home with the children after you pump them out. He’ll also be capable of maintaining romance in the relationship even after the babies are made, because he’ll continue to prioritize his relationship with you. The only dilemma you might face is when you want to opt out of family night for girls night… it could definitely end up turning into an argument.

2. Capricorn (Men)

Nearly the opposite of a Cancer man, however, as another parental sign of the Zodiac, he deeply desires a large family. Again, he’ll want at least four children, but potentially even five. The difference in your relationship with him is that he’s extremely traditional, and unfamiliar with emotion. He might struggle to develop relationships with his children, but he has extremely high expectations for them. He is also the type that refuses to be superficial, so while that deeply benefits your emotional connection with him in your relationship, it also strengthens his relationship with his children. He would never lie to encourage them, he’ll always be honest. If you decide to be with a Capricorn man and begin a family, you might find it challenging if you don’t share the same values as him. If you two can find harmony, you’ll hold the perfect partnership in raising your huge family together.

1. Scorpio (Men)

The embodiment of passion, the two of you will have too much fun creating your family. When the honeymoon phase settles, and the two of you begin to discuss what your family might look like, it might startle you to discover that your Scorpio man deeply craves a large family. He’s impulsive, so you have to be careful – does he really know what having a family entails? If both of you are mature enough to understand what it mean to be parents, you’ll be amazed by what an amazing father he is. He’ll want at least four children. He lives and breathes his children, and you know he would do anything for them. He puts them first, but he’s always testing their limits and defining his boundaries. He’ll definitely be the type to have a temper, so your children might feel wary about their relationship with him, knowing that his wrath could ruin their lives until he forgives them. You might find yourself playing the middle man in disputes between your Scorpio man and children more than you’d like, but his passion and love make it all worth it.

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