20 Zodiac Combinations Sworn To Be Frenemies

There is an old saying, “familiarity breeds contempt.” This is when we have established a tight connection with someone only to have it driven into the ground by some drama that ensues. This type of friendship is often what is referred to as a “frenemy.”

Sometimes in our life, we come across friendships that are fun and entertaining at first but then they go awry. We have all had that friend in high school or college that became a little too close for comfort. After a certain period of time, they backstabbed you by stealing your boyfriend, spreading a secret after you have confided in them or just plain cut you off like you didn’t exist.

The difference between a frenemy and an enemy is that you can’t just alienate them entirely. Since frenemies are so underhanded and sneaky, it is best to keep them around and then phase them out. Zodiac signs are a guide to our individual personalities and there are a vast variety of different personalities. Some zodiac combinations just don’t vibe well with one another in the friendship department. Read on to find out which zodiac combinations are the most likely to become frenemies.

20. Aries and Capricorn

Both Aries and Capricorn are extremely hard-working and relentless people. If these two friends wind up working for the same company in similar positions, then their friendship will be tested if they are both up for the same promotion. They are the types that will do anything to be recognized for their efforts. The Capricorn will set the Aries up to fail with their calculating demeanor and the Aries will give their wrath with the passionate anger that will suffice.

These two will have no problem throwing each other under the bus to get ahead. They are not above setting booby traps to guarantee each other’s failure. Since neither one wants to appear as if they are not a team player, they will keep tabs on each other in a group environment. The Aries needs to watch their back so that they do not get blindsided by the Capricorn. The Aries accomplishes by robust energy while the Capricorn through planned calculation. The Capricorn usually wins due to their patience that the Aries lacks.

19. Scorpio and Aquarius

As a Scorpio, the benefit to having an Aquarius friend is that there will never be a dull moment because you find them fascinating. Just be aware that they will get on your nerves. You like to have that one-on-one interaction while they like to socialize with as many people as possible. They will have no problem talking about you behind your back and maybe even starting a rumor or two. Since they don’t have that social conscience, they won’t even care to think twice about it.

These are matters that you take seriously but they won’t register for an Aquarius. They will want to impress the group of people they are surrounded by, and if that means embarrassing you, then so be it. Your pride does allow you to react very well to being humiliated in public, especially by a friend. Their lack of loyalty will create resentment. It is best to walk away before you lose your temper and do something that you will later regret.

18. Gemini and Pisces

Both Geminis and Pisces are mutable signs and it will seem at first that you two are so similar. Sure, you might have a lot of common interests. At the end of the day, you will quickly realize that you are just two different people. As a Gemini, you want to talk about everything that the Pisces will go out of their way to avoid. Even if it is a subject that is painful and has been on your mind, it will be hard for you to find resolution. Geminis want to talk through their issues rather than just working around them.

Pisces are just going to find any honesty the Gemini has to say hurtful and their pain will escalate into resentment. Though Geminis won’t mean harm and just want to fix the situation, Pisces just want them to shut the eff up. Pisces will find it hard to think about anything with all the noise buzzing around them.

17. Sagittarius and Cancer

Sagittarians are the travelers of the zodiac and will not rest until they have seen the world. They live for new experiences, doing new things and meeting new people. The Cancer, on the other hand, would rather just stick with what they know. The Cancer will try to get you to settle down and even unintentionally drag you down with their need to be a homebody.

Your optimism will be doused by the Debbie Downer attitude of the Cancer. It is not that they are directly trying to cause you harm, but that they just want to tame you and change your ideas on how you should comport yourself. This is not a good friendship match because you have a need for freedom where the Cancer has a need for security.

16. Leo and Taurus

As a Leo, you really want people to like you and win them over. The Taurus just seems unimpressed and kind of boring to you. You don’t understand why they couldn’t possibly admire you like everyone else does. When you two will get into an argument, you will really dig your heels in. As fixed signs, you are both set in your opinions and do not let up easily, if at all.

The Taurus will try to take the higher ground and teach you a lesson. That lesson is usually something that you will not want to hear, even if it is deep down something that you need to hear. You be be offended by their audacity to try to inflict that type of pain on you. When they want to show you how strong they are, you will quickly backfire and the situation will get ugly.

15. Libra and Scorpio

As a Libra, you will be intrigued by the Scorpio’s passion and determination. In reality, they are just way too intense for you. Libras have a need for balance and harmony and a Scorpio will just mess that all up for you. Scorpios have a need for truth, no matter how much it hurts. You have no problem concealing the truth because you like to be fluid and would much rather make someone feel good.

This will not go over well with a Scorpio because they can’t stand people who try to sugar coat things. No matter how much you will try not to, you will eventually piss them off and they will make it their mission to either teach you a lesson or get revenge. Libras don’t have the emotional capacity to take on a Scorpio at the end of the day. It is just better to leave them be and do you.

14. Sagittarius and Virgo

These two signs are worlds away from each other. They contrast each other and at first, it will be difficult to bond. Usually, this friendship doesn’t develop on its own accord. It usually happens when the two are forced to spend time together, like in a work setting. This will start out as a frenemy relationship with the gregarious Sagittarius facing the limitations set by the Virgo. The rocky beginnings of this friendship will be highlighted by the fact that Sagittarius is adventurous while the Virgo is studious.

As a Sagittarian, you like to test the waters and push the limits of the human experience and that is something that makes the Virgo uncomfortable. You might feel like the Virgo is that nagging mom saying, “no honey, you can’t do that.” Over time, you will begin to appreciate the caution of the Virgo because they will bail you out of trouble more than once at the very least. This is a frenemy turned best friend for you.

13. Taurus and Aries

This combination will see a lot of conflict but the respect will not be tarnished. The Taurus and the Aries are two strong, bold signs. The Aries likes to start the spark and initiate things and just kind of assumes that others will follow their lead. As a Taurus, you hate it when people pressure you into doing something that you do not want to do. When this happens, it is often met with backlash on your end.

An Aries however will feel like you don’t nearly take as many necessary risks in life. This will most likely end in a very frustrating argument, as Aries Women thrive in risky and challenging environments. The Aries likes to push themselves and raise the bar, while the Taurus lady likes to keep things status quo and cruise along in predictable experiences that make them feel safe.

12. Cancer and Aries

When you two first meet, you will have a lot of fun times together. As a Cancer, you will truly believe that you have found your match in an Aries. The Aries is so spontaneous and exciting that you just can’t wait to hang out with them again. In the long run, they will grow impatient with you and your emotions. Those born under Aries are people of action, they are not ones to sit down and talk about their feelings. Cancers will always have those moments where they need to sit down and talk about their feelings.

The Aries will sit there, roll their eyes or just blatantly tell you to “get over it.” They are not the most patient nor sensitive creatures in the zodiac which is crucial to what a Cancer needs. An Aries is never going to give you that fulfilling friendship because they will challenge you to things that you know you will fail at. It is best to just avoid them.

11. Pisces and Pisces

You Pisces folk are by far one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac. With all those emotions bouncing off of each other, there will be no stable person in this friendship. What a Pisces really needs is someone to stabilize them and make sure that they do not fly off the handle. With two fish in this friendship, there will be no one who is grounded enough to maintain the peaceful stability of the friendship. Imaginative Pisces tend to take everything very personally and they take all kinds of slights and jealousies to heart even if they don’t really exist.

You will think that you know exactly what’s going on inside the other Pisces head and this will lead to a cat and mouse mind game that nobody wants to be a part of. It is not a wise idea to trust your fellow Pisces because if you hurt them, they will give you a taste of your own medicine by acting out. It is best to dodge this irrational nonsense and just swim away from each other before poop hits the fan.

10. Capricorn and Leo

As a Capricorn, you firmly believe that praise and adulation is earned, not just handed to you on a silver platter. Leo wants to be the center of attention just for being themselves and that will drive you up the wall. Leos are showy people. They like to flash their bling and pop their collars and you see that as superficial and unnecessary.

Because Leos tend to be self-centered, they tend to not care who they are stepping on in order to get the prizes that they think that they are entitled to. You see them with their circle of admirers, but you simply don’t understand what all the fuss is about them. Your Leo frenemy is likely to care less about the achievements that you fought tooth and nail for. Your feelings will be insignificant to them and therefore, they can be a danger to your well being.

9. Scorpio and Gemini

If this friendship is handled with care, it may not turn into a frenemy type of relationship. As a Scorpio, you are secretive and can’t stand when people are all up in your business. Geminis love to talk and pry information out of people without even realizing it. Since they are adorable and charming, you might be pulled into revealing more than you had intended. Just remember that Geminis have the hardest time keeping secrets and as a Scorpio, just watch what you say to them.

In other words, if you don’t want other people knowing, then just don’t tell a Gemini. As long as you can follow that rule, you might find that your friendship with a Gemini will be rewarding. You will both possess what the other one lacks. They will show you how to let things go and not sweat the small stuff and you will teach them how to look beyond the surface and read between the lines. Keep it lighthearted with this sign, they will get scared of your deep dark thoughts if you reveal them.

8. Virgo and Aquarius

An Aquarius is a foil (an opposite) to a Virgo in on so many levels. As a Virgo, you are picky about your friends and the company you keep. This is because you are better off not wasting time on people who don’t deserve your time. You aim for perfection and want those in your inner circle to be as close to perfect as you can possibly get. Aquarius, on the other hand, is just so accepting of people and all of their flaws. They are friendly almost to a fault that they let some unsavory characters in your inner circle.

Since you both tend to be tech savvy, you can get competitive in that arena. Here, we have two know-it-alls as frenemies and it makes perfect sense because you both have the need to be right. This will cause psychological warfare and constant one-upmanship. The Aquarius will tell you to take a chill pill. In reality, they are slowly trying to destroy you.

7. Taurus and Gemini

The Gemini is a whimsical sign that comes off as so free and easy, and the Taurus will have their reservations about trusting them right off the bat. The Gemini has a tendency to possess a dual personality so don’t be surprised if they are two-faced and a bit manipulative. Geminis are likely to tell the Taurus one thing but really mean another.

To a steady sign like a Taurus, that will infuriate them. It takes a long time for a Taurus to trust someone and when they finally start trusting their Gemini friend, the Gemini just throws it back in their face. Geminis are fair weathered friends that are just down for a good time, but they are not the types you can really rely on when things get tough. If you are a Taurus, it is best to keep them at arm’s length before they cause serious damage with their scheming ways.

6. Virgo and Aries

Virgos are practical people with a sharp tact. You are the type that thinks before they take a leap. You also can’t stand it when people’s egos cloud their better judgement. Enter Aries. Aries are the most impulsive signs that you will ever encounter. As a Virgo, you like to think things through before taking any action and the Aries will grow impatient with your timing to make a decision. You simply won’t move fast enough for them and they will get on your nerves with their needing to act immediately.

Virgos have a tendency to be very critical of people that they care about and feel like they need to point out flaws in order to help them better themselves. The ego of the Aries will not be able to hear that criticism and not get defensive or even angry that you would even bring that up. The Aries likes to feel good about themselves at all times and the Virgo will be tempted to give them a reality check. It is best to take your thoughts to someone who is willing to listen to them.

5. Aquarius and Libra

Oh man, this is a combination that is especially toxic. As an Aquarius, you will see a kindred spirit in the Libra. You are both friendly, sociable and fun to be around. The Aquarius and the Libra will enjoy each others company. Since they are both air signs, they like to spread themselves as thin as possible by meeting new people and making new friends. However, you will quickly realize that you are too similar to be friends.

You will become resentful once you realize how flaky, flirtatious, and sometimes shallow your Libra frenemy is. They might go so far as to gossip about you behind your back, steal your boyfriend or alienate you from the very group that you introduced them to. This will be a double edged sword when you realize that they beat you at your own game when it comes to social manipulation. Watch your back with this friendship.

4. Capricorn and Libra

Here, we have a realist meets an idealist. As a Capricorn, you see the world for where it is on the status quo where the Libra likes to wear rose colored glasses and see the glass full at all times. While you will find this optimism refreshing for the short term, you will not see eye to eye on your personal values. The Libra likes to make their environment as pleasant as possible for themselves and those around them, even if that means sweeping problems under the rug.

As a Capricorn, you would rather face issues head on rather than deflect them the way a Libra does. It will frustrate you when you try to bring up issues with your Libra friend only to have them give you some fake reason to avoid the subject altogether. Since you don’t care to partake in their idealism, you will move on to friendships that are more grounded.

3. Pisces and Aries

The friendship of a Pisces and an Aries is a type B personality meeting a type A personality. You will like the fact that the Aries is a natural born leader since you would rather go with the flow. It is hard for you to make fast decisions and that is the Aries’ forte. The Aries will like the fact that you are willing to follow their lead since it will be so easy for them to guide you. Since they also tend to be reckless, they might lead into situations that you are not comfortable with.

Eventually, you bottled up anger will boil to the surface and you will have a full-blown argument that will shatter the cheery vibe of your friendship for good. The Aries will be blindsided because they will have no idea that you had it in you to shatter their foundations the way you did. Though the damage will already be done, you will reflect on the good memories that you had in your friendship. Maybe not enough to rekindle it, but just for those brief moments of nostalgia.

2. Cancer and Aquarius

These two signs come from two opposite ends of the world. The Aquarius has a modern, flashy outlook on life where the Cancer is more sensitive and emotional in their nature. As a Cancer, you are reserved and seem like you have a shell around you in social settings. It takes time for you to feel out a group of people and feel comfortable. When you become friends with an Aquarius, it will feel like they have liberated you and can show you a whole new social world that you never knew existed.

The fun times will be ahead. However, you long for deep, emotional connections with people and the Aquarius simply isn’t equipped for that in their personal relationships. In fact, Aquarians are better at impersonal relationships which is why it always seems like they have so many friends. You will meet a lot of people through an Aquarius but will probably have a better connection with those that you met through the Aquarius. Your deep emotions will be too much for them to handle.

1. Sagittarius and Capricorn

These two individuals operate on completely different wavelengths but they will each have what the other one lacks. As a Sagittarius, you are active, enthusiastic and a bit impulsive where the Capricorn is calm, quiet and pays strong attention to detail. They will keep you in line before you make a bad decision that you will later regret.

Though you will appreciate the heads up, you will resent them when they try to act like a parental figure rather than an equal. You will start to see drawbacks on each other. You will see the Capricorn as fussy and dull and they will see you as wild and reckless. Though you will have moments of appreciation, you two simply just operate at different speeds. It is better to speed on ahead of their slow pace otherwise it will drag you down.

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