5 Signs You Have Met Your Soul Match In The Love Department

Have you recently met someone that you have fallen head over heels in love with, but aren’t sure whether they are on the same page as you? Do you both question whether your love is the kind that will last?

To be in love is one of the strongest emotions in the world and if you don’t know if your partner have the real deal, here are 5 signs that show you are heading to a lifetime of love.

The Chemistry Is Intense

If you feel butterflies every time you see each other and if your body temperature rises when you embrace, you have that special type of chemistry that can last a lifetime. If you automatically feel connected to each other and if you cannot explain it, this is usually love chemistry and it is a truly unique experience. If your knees grow weak, your heart races or if you feel electricity when you touch each other, chances are you have something much stronger than attraction going on.

When You Are Apart, You Do Anything To Stay Connected

People that are in love miss each other when apart. They may not say it, but you can tell by their actions. They call each other constantly, text each other or write each other emails throughout the work day. They can’t be away from each other without some form of contact. This is beautiful to witness between two lovers, and sometimes they don’t even notice how much they ‘must’ be in touch with each other to feel connected.

You Have A Solid Friendship

If you lean on each other for support and turn to each other to talk about problems or issues that you normally find difficult to express, you are friends. Possibly the best of friends. Couples that do everything together and who trust each other with everything develop a friendship which serves as a strong base for a long lasting, loving relationship.

You Laugh At The Same Jokes

Humor is extremely important in a long term relationship. If you share the same humour when it comes to comedy shows, jokes, movies and general every day comments, you have most certainly met your match. Humor is considered one of the most important factors in a long term relationships. You have to be able to laugh together to stay together and get through the rough times as a team.

You Share The Same Goals

One of the top things that people look for in their companion is if they share the same goals in life. If you and your partner dream about the same things, work towards the same goals and plan a future that you both are happy with, chances are you were meant to be.

There are a variety of factors that can be analyzed and considered when trying to figure out if you and your partner should build a life together and the number one factor is if you love each other. If you show any of the signs above, you have probably met your match and are probably destined for a long life together as friends, lovers and soul mates.