If Your The Girl With High Standards Who is Still Looking For The One, Read This

There is nothing wrong with having standards. Especially, high ones. You have been hurt before so your walls are high, and they should be.

You expect the best because you are done messing around. You are done playing these stupid relationship games, that every person you meet, seems to want to play.

You’re too old for something that is not serious. You’re too old to be giving your all to someone who doesn’t give a crap. And you know that.

So don’t feel bad. Don’t feel bad when you meet a guy you like but you find something about him that you just can’t deal with.

At times you probably think to yourself that you are just trying to find things wrong with guys so you don’t have to try.

But once you meet the guy you’re supposed to be with you won’t be looking for something wrong. You will be enjoying him.

You will remember what it is like to actually “like” someone again and want to get to know them.

Shooting every guy down still happens, but only because you’ve found yours. You won’t always be the girl with standards that are impossible to reach.

There is no such thing as compromising for a man because you’re a girl who knows what she wants. Because you have been there, done that and all it did was break your heart.

So instead of seeing your high standards as a problem look at them as a blessing. You are one of the smartest women out there because you have learned from being used and broken.

A lot of women never learn and deal with heartbreak over and over again. But remember, you’re strong and setting an example for women who need more confidence.

Because no girl deserves to be treated like trash and every girl deserves to be treated like a princess.

By Nicole Clements
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