Here’s Who Your Game Of Thrones Boyfriend Is, Based On Your Zodiac

There are not too many things that make me want to actually exist inside the world of Game of Thrones. First of all, there are no phones. That means no Uber, GrubHub, Instagram or Tinder. That makes things pretty hard! Like, how would you get greasy food delivered to your door while you’re hungover? Also, imagine how different Game of Thrones would be if Daenerys could have just Ubered to Westeros! Aside from the technology factor, there’s also the fact that, as a Game of Thrones character, you’re almost guaranteed to die. Not just die but die in an awful, horrid, gruesome way that will disturb people forever. That being said, there is one thing that almost tempts me to live in the world of Game of Thrones: the men.

Sure, Game of Thrones has some of the worst male characters that have ever been created. Joffrey Baratheon and Ramsay Bolton were the things of nightmares! It honestly concerns me that George R.R. Martin was able to think up characters are vile as them. But, to make up for the Ramsay Boltons and Joffrey Baratheons, there are male characters who are pretty much perfect human beings. Yes, they may have some flaws – Jon Snow used to be really emo and Robb Stark was kind of cocky. But they are still total dreamboats.


The obvious question is: who would your Game of Thrones boyfriend be? Read on to find out your perfect Game of Thrones boyfriend based on your zodiac sign. It’s basically all the pleasure of dating a Game of Thrones guy… without the horror of living in that world! You’re welcome.


Aries: Khal Drogo



Aries, you are a born leader. You are confident, enthusiastic, and optimistic even in the face of opposition. You love taking on new projects and seeing things through to the end. Y’know, kind of like Dany’s determination to take back the Iron Throne. However, this fierce passion can sometimes mean that you’re aggressive and impulsive. You’re about action, so sometimes you do something when it might have been better to hold back.


Because of this fiery leadership quality, your Game of Thrones boyfriend would be Khal Drogo… mostly because you’re one of the few zodiac signs that could handle a man like him. Yes, Khal Drogo was a leader in his own right, but he still let Daenerys shine when she was with him. This is exactly what you need: a man who shines on his own, but doesn’t dim your shine, either.


Oh, and it helps that he’s… I mean… you’ve seen what he looks like, right?!


Taurus: Gendry



Taurus, you are reliable, patient, and responsible. You’re the ideal girlfriend, as there is simply no one as loyal or caring as you. Everything about you represents stability. Because you give so much in your relationships, you can sometimes be possessive of your loved ones. You can’t help it! You give so much to them and you expect the same in return. Also, since you’re an earth sign, you love getting creative and making things with your hands, whether that’s cooking, gardening, or crafts.

Your Game of Thrones boyfriend would be Gendry. Sure, Gendry has been off rowing a boat for quite a few seasons, but we all loved Robert Baratheon’s bastard son while he was on the show.

The fact Gendry is a skilled blacksmith is right up your alley. I mean, he makes stuff with his hands. HELLO, that has you written all over it! Also, being with Gendry would probably mean living a slightly more common life, but you’re okay with that. You always value relationships over status, so being with Gendry and having his babies would be enough for you.

Gemini: Jaqen H’ghar

Gemini, as the sign of twins, you are known for being two (or more) people in the body of one. This can be a great thing, as you are very adaptable. You quickly become comfortable in new situations and in new relationships. In fact, you love new relationships and friendships. You will chat up anyone and everyone around you. However, this split personality can sometimes make you very indecisive. You can be nervous, fickle, and inconsistent. People probably tell you they can’t figure you out, right?

For these reasons, Jaqen H’ghar is your Game of Thrones boyfriend. I know, I know. He’s kind of random, right? He’s also truly the perfect guy for you. Jaquen H’ghar is mysterious and most likely full of a zillion stories from his past of being No One. You would love hearing the stories about his past and you would also love the fact that he keeps you on your toes. Jaqen H’ghar may actually be the one guy in the world who would interest all of your personalities!

Cancer: Grey Worm

Cancer, you are ruled by your emotions, which can be both good and bad. Because you wear your emotions on your sleeve, you are for the most part unguarded. It’s easy for you to love someone wholeheartedly. You’re especially good at opening up to others because of your connection to emotions. It makes you empathetic and understanding of other’s histories and issues. But since you’re so honest about your emotions, you are prone to mood swings and getting too pessimistic. Like I said, a good and bad thing!

Because of your deep connection to your emotions, your Game of Thrones boyfriend would be Grey Worm. Grey Worm, of course, is not emotional. As a trained Unsullied, he learned how to be a robot of a warrior, instead of learning how to feel. Your attention to emotion could thaw his hard shell. Also, because you are empathetic and understand other people well, you would be able to understand why Grey Worm is the way he is and love him all the same.

Leo: Robb Stark

Leo, as a fire sign, you are deeply passionate. When you set your mind to something, you put ALL your energy into it and you almost always succeed. Because of this deep passion and effort, you want to be appreciated for a job well done. Actually, you NEED to be appreciated. You thrive when you get attention. Yes girl, you know you love being in the limelight. This can sometimes make you arrogant and self-centered, but you do have the goods to back it up.

Your Game of Thrones boyfriend would be Robb Stark. This character was the eldest of the Stark children and thrust into a leadership position at a young age. Regardless, he commanded armies and slayed on the battlefield. Like, literally slayed! You could connect to Robb because you both feel pressure, are passionate, and want what is yours. You would also kind of love being the Queen of the North, am I right?

Oh, and have you seen Robb? I mean…

Virgo: Jon Snow

Virgo, you’re almost the complete opposite of the Leo. You’re a put-your-head-down-and-work type. You are EXTREMELY practical and hardworking. You are loyal, but can sometimes be shy when you meet new people. While being a hard worker is great, the pressure you put on yourself can sometimes make you worry too much, be overly critical and all work no play. You also don’t love taking center stage. You’d rather just work hard without having people acknowledge it. It makes you feel icky.

Since you’re the opposite of a Leo, you’re Game of Thrones boyfriend would also be the opposite of Robb Stark. Who is more different from Robb Stark than Jon Snow? He grew up as the “bastard son” of Ned Stark. He sat at a table in the back when his family dined with noble families. Because of this, Jon Snow shies away from positions of glory and power. He’s all work and no fame, just like you!

That being said, you and Jon Snow would need to learn how to relax a little bit.

Libra: Podrick

Libra, you are a very social sign. You enjoy talking to others and connecting. When it comes to social situations, you cherish cooperation and harmony the most. You prefer when everyone gets along and is friendly. I mean, everyone prefers when people get along, but you do especially! However, when things aren’t extremely friendly, you long for justice. You tend to dislike loudmouths and troublemakers.

Because of this, your Game of Thrones boyfriend is ol’ Podrick. First of all, who doesn’t love Podrick? He pretty much hasn’t made an enemy his entire time on the show!

Pod rick has been training under Brienne of Tarth to become a better swordsman, but since he won’t fight dirty, that holds him back sometimes. He’s honorable AF. Also, he saved Tyrion’s life. The two of you have similar values, which would make for a great relationship.

Scorpio: Daario Naharis

Scorpio, you are known as the most passionate sign in all areas of your life. I mean, have you ever not had an opinion about something? Nope! You are constantly forming opinions about everything because you have passion bubbling inside of you about everything and anything in the world. This passion always comes out in the bedroom, as you place great importance on the physicality of a relationship. But you can also be secretive. You like to keep certain parts of your life private.

Your Game of Thrones boyfriend is Daario Naharis and HELLO, HANDSOME! Obviously, Daario would be able to connect to you physically, as he did with Daenerys. There’s also the fact that he would be okay with it having a more private relationship.

Daario worked his way up in the fighting pits, eventually earning his freedom. You would love to watch him fight, as you don’t mind violence. In fact, you can sometimes be violent yourself. It’s just all the passion, girl!

Sagittarius: Oberyn Martell

Sagittarius, you are a free spirit if there ever was one. You enjoy traveling to new places, meeting new people, and trying new things. Because you long for freedom and travel, you don’t like feeling constrained or being in relationships with clingy people.

Of all the Game of Thrones men, Oberyn Martell would be your ideal boyfriend. Like you, he is open-minded in all senses of the word. I mean, he even had a very open relationship. Let us all know forget that scene where Oberyn Martell, Ellaria Sand, and quite a few other people engaged in a steamy scene. Oberyn would understand your itch to travel and experience new things, and he would never hold you back from exploring. Because you don’t like to live in the past – you’re a forward looking person, after all – Oberyn’s obsession with avenging his sister’s murder might seriously annoy you, but you would connect on basically every other level.

Capricorn: Ned Stark

Capricorn, you’re one of the most disciplined signs. You probably never skip a hot yoga class, right? Besides your amazing self-control, you’re also responsible and have great manners. You’re basically Emily Post. Sometimes, your self-control can make others think that you are being condescending. You can also come off as a know-it-all.

Your Game of Thrones boyfriend would be Ned Stark. He’s perhaps the only character who has the self-control that you do. He is outrageously controlled and moral. Like you, his high morality sometimes makes him look down on the other characters who don’t meet the high standards that he holds himself too.

Not only are you personalities similar, but you have similar values too, as you both value family and tradition. Like Ned, your goal isn’t to be famous, but rather to hit all the natural milestones in one’s life from marriage, a home, babies, grandbabies, and great-grandbabies.

Aquarius: Tyrion Lannister

Aquarius, you are a progressive thinker. In fact, that may be a great way to describe you: a thinker. Your mind is always at work. You often think outside the box and you are open to new, original ideas, no matter how insane they might seem. Because of your quick mind, you like to engage in meaningful conversation, and you’re a great conversationalist. You also genuinely love listening to someone who has new, interesting ideas. This love of thought can sometimes make you dislike expressing your emotions. You value logic over emotions.

Because of this, your Game of Thrones boyfriend is Tyrion Lannister. Tyrion and you would talk… and talk… and talk. There would be so much talking! Like Tyrion, you place a high value on both having fun with friends and fighting for worthy causes. Between the long talks, you and Tyrion would be equally happy drinking wine with good people or helping Daenerys take over Westeros. Y’know, whatever kind of a night it might be.

Pisces: The Hound

Pisces, you are a wise soul. In fact, people probably tell you you’re an old soul, because that’s how you come across. There is just something deeply intuitive about you that makes others feel comfortable in your presence. Because of how gentle and wise you are, you are able to see past other’s flaws and history. You forgive easily and move on. However, you can also sometimes long to escape reality, because it can be too harsh for your gentle soul.

Because of this, your Game of Thrones boyfriend is the Hound. I know the Hound first seemed like a vicious killer, but he has since been on a redemption tour. He seems to have found meaning in life and value to the lives of others. You would be able to see past his past and appreciate the man he’s become. Also, because you are such a gentle, kind thing, the Hound would be handy for you to have around… you know, to defend you from others who try to take advantage!

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