These 10 Star Sign Pairs Have Intense Chemistry (But Are Toxic AF)

When you’re dating in the real world, you cannot walk around with a book about compatible signs, and ask every potential love interest their sun sign before dating them (unless your flirting game is all about creeping strangers out). But you see, astrology might not reveal everything about your personality, but it does know major things about your emotional nature. So, to help you in your romantic endeavors, we tell you the signs you most definitely need to avoid.

Behold: the most toxic zodiac couples. Full of sexual tension, mutual attraction, and complicated mind games, these are the worst star sign couples, who not only don’t work well together, but can also do long-term emotional damage to each other.

Gemini and Virgo

Gemini and Virgo have a lot in common-both are mutable, adaptable, witty signs ruled by Mercury. These similarities bring them together and lead to attraction. But deep inside, Gemini is indecisive and a free bird. Virgo is too earthy and neurotic about their insecurities to settle with someone so indecisive and rootless. In the end, the relationship gives both trust issues, thanks to the mixed signals they give each other. Virgo does most of the work in the relationship, and Geminis lofty dreams are snipped by Virgo’s practicality. What’s left? Petty resentment.

Leo and Capricorn

Leos like smart, accomplished people. Therefore, they’re attracted to the talented, poised, and ambitious Capricorn. In return, Capricorn admires Leo’s confidence. The two, hence, make a seemingly ideal power couple. However, Leo is a fiery, attention-seeking sign that ultimately wants a partner who will bow down to them and shower them with attention. Capricorns are career-obsessed leaders who never bow to anyone, and have no time for drama. This leaves both wounded!

Aries and Taurus

Aries and Taurus don’t really have much in common, save for Aries’ admiration for Taurus, which is the sign that succeeds Aries on the karmic wheel of love (the round wheel of zodiac signs you see everywhere). Hence, Aries feels a karmic closeness to Taurus, like they can learn a lot from Taurus. Besides that, they are thoroughly incompatible. Aries initiates this relationship, mystified by Taurus, only for it to end in one or both cheating, since neither can face each other’s immense wrath and actually break-up. Healthy? We think not.

Cancer and Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the eternal lost schoolchild, and Cancer the eternal mother, no matter their respective genders. This makes them gravitate towards each other with great empathy, bonding over their broken smiles and aching hearts. It doesn’t last long. Sagittarius is too fiercely independent for Cancer’s mollycoddling and suffocation. Cancer’s manipulation and wiles annoy Sagittarius, leading to a cheating Crab, and a Centaur who is very inclined to ghost without a word! Both swear off love for a bit after such a relationship ends.

Leo and Scorpio

Love between Leo and Scorpio is like the meeting of Adam and Eve- fuelled by the forbidden, and full of disastrous consequences. They lock eyes knowing they’ve met their match. Leo is outwardly bold, and Scorpio is inwardly confident, leading to a great deal of magnetic appeal. But like ice and fire, these two never get along, and their relationship blows hot and cold despite a glamorous union worthy of the tabloids.

Cancer and Aquarius

Cancer is hyperfeminine and emotional. Aquarius is airy and masculine. Their opposite natures are worthy of a stereotypical boy-meets-girl rom-com. However, this relationship doesn’t work in real life for that reason. Cancer cries and clings to Aquarius (regardless of gender) and Aquarius wants their freedom. Despite electrifying sexual chemistry, they break each other’s hearts, haunting each other’s dreams long after the break-up.

Scorpio and Aries

You don’t need nuclear weapons if you have an Aries and Scorpio couple in the room. Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, and Aries, ruled by Mars, are war in its truest form. While this heat might result in explosive sexual experiences, they are quite likely to kill each other outside the bedroom. Aries abuses Scorpio’s patience, resulting in cheating, fighting, and neglect, while Scorpio responds to Aries with amplified versions of the same actions. This sado-masochistic couple brings out the worst in each other.

Taurus and Sagittarius

The laidback, earthy Taurus is tickled by the honest, free, and unfiltered nature of Sagittarius. What they don’t like, though, is Sagittarius’ fiery liberalism, their brutal honesty, and their intense disregard for Taurus’ unchangeable, stubborn feelings. Taurus needs commitment and cuddles, whereas Sagittarius seeks adventure more than safety. So, after momentarily enjoying Taurus’ secure embrace, Sagittarius grows bored. You’d think this leaves Taurus hurt, but actually, both are left feeling empty.

Libra and Scorpio

Librans like fixing people, and the dark, moody Scorpio seems like the perfect candidate for this. Libra thinks they need the love and light that Libra has, but Scorpio seemingly lacks. This is where Scorpio usually unleashes a tsunami and annihilates Libra, shutting them out completely. Should the relationship progress, it still ends in a toxic way. Libra continues trying to charm Scorpio, and ends up submerged in the intensity of Scorpio’s many needs and expectations, before they can tell they are drowning.

Pisces and Gemini

A life-changing experience for the two, Gemini and Pisces are toxic for each other, despite their surface easy-going nature that brings them together. Gemini likes playing, and they think they can mould the malleable Pisces however they choose. Pisces, ever-so-giving, tries their best to satiate the Gemini in their life. However, Gemini, the perpetually dissatisfied overthinker, never finds anyone good enough, because of which Pisces will always be left feeling inadequate. The only thing that follows, is hurt.

By Stuti for iDiva