7 Signs You’ve Found Your Forever Man

If you’ve been in a relationship for a while, we’re sure the thought has crossed your mind: Is he The One? Well folks, we’ve listed down some things that will help you find out!

He respects you.


This is probably one of the most important qualities that you have to really look out for. Respect breeds a strong relationship no matter what you and your partner may be going through. If he respects your decisions, never makes you feel lesser than him, and takes your feelings into consideration, then that’s a man who doesn’t just have unconditional love for you, but a great deal of admiration.


He is a family man.


Whether you guys decide to have kids in the future or not, it’s great to know that he gives importance to the meaning of family–whether it’s his own, yours, or the one you’re going to build together. The kind of man he is to his family will more or less dictate the kind of husband he will be to you and the kind of father he will be to your future kids.


He puts you first.


This doesn’t just mean chivalry, but understanding that he’s caring for another person more than he cares for himself. And if you do the same for him, then nobody loses. He’s passionate about many other things, but you’re his priority.


He listens.


Listening can be both literal and figurative. It’s those moments when he catches onto the little things you say, and keeps them in mind. When you’ve had a bad day, he’ll be willing to just sit down with you and take it all in. When deciding on something together, he’ll factor in what you say. Sometimes, you don’t even need words. He knows you, and he’s always listening.


He is open.


Communication can be a lot of things for couples. It’s not just about resolving fights, but about sharing your secrets, goals, and weaknesses, all the while trusting the other person to accept you and lift you up in the process. He genuinely wants you in his life, and he’s willing to open himself up and let you in it.

He is friends with your friends.

Or at least, he respects your friends as well! That crowd means a lot to you too, and he’s not the type who would hog all of your time just to be with him all the time.

He has no problem discussing the future.

Talking about the future can be unnerving, but if he’s really The One you’re going to marry, then this should be something he’s comfortable talking with you about. Commitment is a big deal in a relationship, and if he shows how serious he is with taking things to the next level with you, then that’s great!


So there you have it, ladies! P.S. No need to freak out or panic if you don’t see all the qualities up there in your partner. Love is a very different experience for each person, and there will be some things you want to add to this list or some that you want to might even want to remove. In the end, it’s really up to you and what makes you feel good and loved.

BY  | BrideAndBreakast

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