7 Traits Every Introvert Will Nod Their Head And Say “YES” To

Introverts are a complete masterpiece by themselves and don’t need any kind of validation to exist. They are differently social people who are often misunderstood as antisocial.

They would rather spend alone time than reaching out to someone to hang out with. Irrespective of that, they are as tough as any other person and can very well handle anything you throw at them. They just don’t like being surrounded by a lot of people.


People often misunderstand their shy and aloof nature as rude or unfriendly. Here are 10 facts that you can relate to if you are an introvert:


You are a good listener


Introverts are awesome listeners. You do a lot of listening and are more receptive to whatever is being told until and unless it is bad in taste. While you are into a conversation, you invest all of your time and soul in one direction i.e. focusing onto what the other person has to say. You don’t listen just for the sake of listening but for better understanding.


You are very choosy and restrict yourself amongst fewer people


Introverts don’t have a long and never ending list of friends in real. You stick to two or three people with whom you feel your strings connected to. You don’t pretend to be friends with people you hardly know. You prioritise quality over quantity.


You prefer being silent than social


Being an introvert, you don’t like socialising much. You would rather silently slurp your coffee sitting at your comfort zone than going noisy around a bunch of people. Your mind constantly signals a big no to awkward social gatherings.


You are a master at avoiding phone calls


Phone calls dread the hell out of you. It serves as an instrument of doom to every introvert. It gets you into one such awkward situation that you detest and are always ready to escape.  That’s why texting, messaging and sending emails accompanied with a solid excuse have always been a part of your rescue plan.

You don’t mind cancelling plans every other time

Just in case someone invites you over for a party, you are already equipped with thousands of reasons that are holding you back from attending it. And even if you agree for the same and are willing to attend it in the first place, you tend to cancel it at the last moment.  This gives you another chance to stay happy at home in one of your stretchy pants and watch TV.

Animals are your best friends

Most of the introverts love animals. They bring you endless joy and comfort that no human creature can ever bring into your lives. They are the best companions as they make you feel safe and important without judging you and your silence a bit. They rather accompany you in your silence naturally.  Even in your darkest days, a cute cuddle from your non-human can enlighten you up in no time.

Overthinking is your second job

Your mind is constantly struggling with thoughts. Introverts think a lot before they speak anything. You always doubt whether or not it is the right time to say things. Each thought leads you to another sub-thought and that sub-thought further multiplies and the cycle continues.

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