How Each Zodiac Sign Feels About Commitment In A Relationship

From Fastest to Slowest…How do the signs rank in their willingness to commit to relationships?

The cardinal signs rank 1st through 4th on the list. In their fearless fashion, they take the lead, and charge ahead into commitment.

#1 Aries…


The sign that commits to relationships the quickest, Aries sees courting and flirting as a means to an end.


The commitment is the goal. For an Aries, commitment to a relationship is like completing the final feet of race. It’s simply part of it. These goal oriented people see commitment to relationships as the final phase of the battle, and they will celebrate their win in grand style.


Once they believe they have their mate’s willingness to commit to them as well, they are the sign who buys the flowers and rings. They want to drink the champagne and toast to their conquest. Yet, be careful if an Aries commits to you. It’s overwhelming at first and you truly believe there is no way they will ever stray. However, there can be a certain hollowness to their commitment because they see it as the final battle in the war of winning the affection of another person. The problem is that they always need another war to start fighting. So, make sure their next war isn’t to gain the affection of another person. Keep their focus on winning in a career or a hobby to avoid this common pitfall of theirs.


#2 Libra…


As the cardinal, relationship sign, Libra craves relationships and they love the idea of committing to one person.


What’s more, they know how to set their sights on a person and win their affection. Libra’s charming and flirtatious nature is alluring, and they use it as a tool to capture those they find attractive and keep them for themselves. They are happy when committed to another person. For them, it’s a natural way of being. Like Aries, they celebrate it and are prone to buying gifts and showering their mates with attention. Yet, Libra is an air sign, so, their commitment is an intellectual one.


Their love of relationships and their cardinal nature makes them relatively quick to commit; however, they don’t necessarily commit with their heart and soul. Perhaps after years of being with someone, they can reach that level, but for the most part, they are always assessing the worthiness of their commitment. They don’t want to be taken for granted. If they begin to believe their partner doesn’t share their same level of committed to the relationship, they will make an intellectual decision to end it. There won’t be any long, drawn-out emotional saga. It will be a decision. It will be final, and they will have no problem moving on to the next person.


#3 Capricorn…


As another cardinal sign, Capricorn is willing to charge ahead into commitment.

Many Capricorns commit to relationships at young ages. Most often, this is due to Capricorn’s strong need to grow up fast. However, as a feminine, earth sign, Capricorn does look at commitment in a practical sense and is more careful about it than Libra and Aries. This often manifests in committing to relationships with people they believe can support them. This sounds callous and insensitive, but life usually teaches them the foolishness of this strategy, and their plan backfires on them.

Because they often rush into relationships, at some point, they may realize the mate they chose isn’t able to provide the lifestyle they want. Or, they may realize that don’t actually love their mate. It seemed like love when the relationship satisfied all of their physical needs, but when that ended, so did the illusion of love. If it was true love, Capricorn will take up the reins and be the provider in the relationship. They are capable of being strong when things get tough. They are willing to do whatever they have must in order to provide for the people they commit to with real love. Ultimately, Capricorn pushes forward in relationships. If it’s true love, they will be a committed mate forever, if it isn’t, there will likely be a point when they end they relationship. Unfortunately, they really aren’t gentle about it. Most often, it is sudden and cold.

#4 Cancer…

Falling head-over-heals in love is Cancer’s favorite pastime.

Some seem to do it a few times a week. The feeling of love overwhelms them and it doesn’t take long before they are ready to commit. As a cardinal sign, Cancers move quickly into commitment. As a water sign, they operate through feelings, and the feeling of love is their favorite. When they feel that wonderful burn of attraction for another person, which they immediately believe is love, they begin to press them for a commitment. At the same time, their careful, feminine, water-sign nature assesses the quality of the person. So, they immediately commit emotionally, but they can’t stop themselves from constantly gauging the other person’s worthiness. They try to gather as much information on the person as possible by asking questions, or they use the tactic for which Cancers are most famous.

They ask for favors in order to determine a person’s worthiness and commitment to them. Cancers truly believe that a person’s willingness to serve them is the best indication of their commitment to them. A keen eye is kept during this process to verify fidelity as well. Cancers pay close attention to body language and innuendo to make sure their new mate has no secret desire for another person. Then, even though the Cancer had fallen immediately in love and was willing to commit, if their mate fails to meet their standards, they move rather quickly to end the relationship. It won’t be pretty either. It will end in a very emotional outburst in which they explain their mate’s flaws and why these flaws are horribly offensive. Their mate will never be forgiven, and the Cancer will move on to the next person.

The fixed signs are second, ranking 5th through 8th in their willingness and quickness to commit. They are careful people who take commitment seriously.

#5 Leo…

Leos love to be in love and nothing lights up their life more than a great relationship.

When they are attracted to someone who returns the sentiment, they are willing to immediately focus all of their attention on that person. They seem to give of themselves completely and shower their mate with affection and attention, but they expect the same treatment in return. This can make people see Leos as self-centered. Leos see it at understanding the value of the relationship itself. Good treatment works both ways. They are just quick to point out when it becomes a one-way street rather than a two-way street. Their focus on relationships makes it seem like they commit very quickly, but actually, they don’t give themselves completely at first.

Their joy over relationships and willingness to flatter their mate makes it seem this way. Yet, in their minds, and hearts, they are fully aware of all of their other options. They want to keep these options open until they are sure their mate is willing to commit to them. They are also fully aware of human nature, which is why they are generally accepting of imperfections and misunderstandings. This same understanding nature gives them an acute awareness of every persons’ tendency to change their mind or wander. So, despite Leo’s enthusiasm, they are realistic in love. They will give nearly all of their time and energy to a new relationship, and as an inspired fire-sign, they will even give their faith. But in the end, as a fixed sign, they are patient. If it all works out and they are sure, they will commit. Then, once they do commit, they stick to it. They commit with their heart and their faith, and it takes a lot to break it.

#6 Aquarius…

Aquarians are no fools when it comes to love or anything else, nor will they put themselves in a vulnerable situation and risk emotional pain.

Even Aquarians who enjoy whimsical, one-night stands, do this because they know they aren’t getting into anything emotional. They aren’t risking the pain of a break-up or a deep emotional experience. Emotional pain is something they resist, and relationships are natural breeding grounds for it. Therefore, Aquarians move slowly into relationships, and they are slow to commit to relationships. This is on top of the fact that many of them have a hard time making themselves vulnerable enough to even start a relationship. It isn’t a conscious choice for them, because in addition to the fear of emotional pain, they lack emotional openness. What’s more, they over-think everything.

Their fixed, air-sign energy gives them an extremely stable, dry, analytical quality that resists rushing into anything or getting too excited about anything until they have had time to think it through thoroughly. This is why, from the outside looking in, people often see them as the strong, silent types who are unapproachable. Most Aquarians have no idea how many people are attracted to them but are just too afraid to approach them. Yet, inevitably they will either find someone who they trust and makes them feel safe enough to start a relationship or someone who has the patience to work through their stiff, outer aura. It will take time, but eventually the Aquarius will commit. Once they do, they are likely to stay.

#7 Taurus…

Taurus people are not quick about anything including their willingness to commit to relationships.

People with a Taurus sun, moon or rising sign even walk and talk slowly. These people don’t see any reason to rush. They are calm and thoughtful. However, they do have a weakness for beauty and pleasure. So, despite their slow nature, they don’t hesitate to jump into bed for pleasure with a beautiful person. This isn’t commitment though. When it comes to making a decision to join with another person on every level forever, they are very careful. As an earth sign, they look at the practicality of the decision. They consider what they are giving up or gaining from the merger. This is a big deal to them. Taurus people spend their lives trying to build comfortable surroundings and security. They don’t want to join with someone who will waste, or worse yet, take what they have accumulated.

Furthermore, Taurus people need a reason to make the commitment. Why do it? If two people are happy spending time together, why do they need to make a formal declaration or legal arrangement. In the end, the Taurus person will commit when they find a person who makes their life fuller, more pleasurable and more secure. When they find a person who gives them all of this, they don’t want to lose them. Then, in earth-sign, Taurus style, it becomes a matter of claiming ownership over that person. They commit when they want the person to be theirs. Once they have reached this point, they rarely change their mind or let go. It takes a while for them to commit, but once they do, it’s forever.

#8 Scorpio…

The sign that takes commitment the most seriously, Scorpio is drawn to commitment as much as they resist it.

As a fixed sign, commitment is in Scorpio’s nature. They are always committed to something. It may be a job or a hobby rather than another person, but it’s always something. Fixed signs love to focus their energy on one thing at a time. But people are different than things or ideas. People can cause harm, whether it’s intentional or accidental, they are ultimately dangerous. So, committing to a person is a bit scary, even for a sign as strong as Scorpio. There’s a lot to lose if it doesn’t work out. They can lose money, time, or possessions and it can take a chip out of their ego. It’s easier for a Scorpio to commit to a relationship when they are young. Scorpios don’t make the same mistakes twice. Every time a Scorpio gets hurt in a committed relationship, they are less likely to commit again.

So, the older they get, the less likely they are to commit. Before a Scorpio has been hurt too many times, when they are still young, they are most likely to commit. When they do, it’s lifelong. When they are sure about a mate and make the decision to commit, they don’t waver. It’s actually safer and easier for them to be in a committed relationship than not to be. So, once they are in one, they stick to it. It’s getting there that’s difficult. Committed relationships give them the safety and security to grow themselves in other ways. Rather than spending time and energy going in and out of relationships, they can lock in that part of their lives and also have time to commit to other things, such as, a career or hobby.

The mutable signs rank 9th through 12th in their willingness and quickness to commit. Commitment feels restrictive or even suffocating to these signs. They resist it for as long as possible.

#9 Sagittarius…

It’s not easy to get everything your way when you are in a committed relationship. Sagittarius’ insatiable need to follow their every whim and interest gets crushed in most committed relationships.

Relationships require compromise and self-restraint. Sagittarius is seriously lacking in these skills. They crave freedom, which is counter to commitment. Beyond this, Sagittarius has a tendency to be judgmental, and despite their mutable nature, which is supposed to be easy-going and flexible, they relish in complaining and picking people apart. They also love to be correct. This combination of factors makes them quite picky in choosing a mate. It often takes them a while to find someone who meets their standards. From their mate’s point of view, it can take some patience to be with a Sagittarius. To have a successful relationship with a Sagittarius, you must be honest and candid. They have no patience for games. Moreover, you have to live in a sort of together, but apart relationship. You are together, but their need for freedom and to make their own choices can make you feel like you are living separate lives.

It takes patience to be in a relationship with any of the mutable signs because all of them put relationships second to their own feelings, thoughts or desires. For Sagittarius it’s their ideas. If they believe their way of seeing something is correct, they argue their point relentlessly. In Sagittarius’ opinion, if their mate doesn’t have the patience to deal with it, maybe they shouldn’t be their mate. Sagittarius people will commit to relationships, but will never rush into them, and they won’t hesitate to end them if they can’t hold onto their freedom. As long as a relationship offers them plenty of room to make their own decisions and gives them plenty of room to breathe, they are happy to remain committed to it.

#10 Gemini…

Geminis change their minds, their moods and their attitudes hourly. They are restless and bore easily. It’s difficult for them to find a person who holds their interest.

They need constant mental stimulation. Beyond this, they’re never really sure exactly what they want in the first place. This combination of factors makes the idea of commitment tricky. The same thing or person that is extremely interesting to them one day can seem like a complete bore the next. Something a Gemini wants today can be meaningless the next. It’s just Gemini’s changeable nature. Their minds are active and easily distracted. This is why, in the end, they so commonly end up committing to a water or earth sign. Very often it’s a Scorpio sun, or someone with a Scorpio moon or Scorpio rising. This combination is very common. Scorpio’s fixed, watery nature is very different from Gemini. It both grounds Gemini and gives Gemini a puzzle it can never solve, which holds Gemini’s interest.

It’s counterintuitive to believe Gemini finds a water or earth sign more interesting than a fire or air sign. Fire and air are exciting. They love action and activity. Water and earth are calm and more reserved. Yet, Gemini is intrigued by them. It takes Geminis quite a while to understand this about themselves. They spend most of their young lives running around with air and fire signs, but they never dream of committing to one of them. They get a lot out of their systems in their youth and experience a great deal in a short time. As they get older, they find the world less interesting because they have already experienced so much of it. It’s then that they notice how interesting one single other human being can really be. It’s only then that they are willing to commit.

#11 Virgo…

Virgos are quite clear about what a committed relationship entails, and they take their time in finding a person who knows how to participate in one correctly.

It’s a practical matter for them, and they are very patient in waiting for the right person. For Virgos, relationships are about give and take. Virgos know exactly what skills, abilities and tangible resources they bring to a relationship, and their mate must at least match, but hopefully exceed, what they offer. In fact, Virgos get so hung up on these practical matters, they often end up with people who don’t satisfy them sexually. In shopping for their mate, they forget how important sexual chemistry is to the long-term feeling of the relationship. When commitment isn’t the goal, they are happy to experience the joy of great sexual chemistry casually. In fact, they enjoy it more than most other signs. But somehow, they find themselves constantly shopping for a mate that meets their practical criteria.

If they get lucky and get a match that satisfies them practically and sexually, that’s great. However, it’s often the case that they lose focus and pursue relationships based on practical matters. In the end, they are starving for the sexual satisfaction. Then, it doesn’t take long before they either cheat or leave. Their earthy nature keeps them perpetually torn between satisfy their practical and sexual needs. Both are earthy needs, but it’s difficult to find a person who satisfies both. What’s more, Virgo’s mutable nature isn’t willing to compromise. Mutable signs don’t have the driving force that makes them push ahead regardless of what may be lacking like a cardinal sign, and they don’t have the will power and dedication of the fixed signs to stick things out when they get tough. Rather, they tend to move on to whatever seems easier or more satisfying. Virgos will commit, but they must have all of their requirements met.

#12 Pisces…

Pisces are the slowest to commit to relationships. After all, Pisces find it difficult to commit to their choice of food for dinner. They are scattered, and they like it that way.

It can seem to other people like they need some direction and some help focusing, but Pisces don’t want to be focused. They want to keep all of their options open all of the time. What’s more, Pisces are born with a deep understanding of the temporary nature of life. Most young people are fooled into the false notion that we have a virtual eternity to experience life, and it’s not until they’re older that they realize life is short. But, Pisces never feel this way. Even as children they know they don’t have much time. So, they try to experience as much as possible. As the oldest sign, Pisces are also born with the clear hindsight of an adult. The common fears and apprehensions of youth are not present in the Pisces mind. They don’t find themselves restrained by the common “shoulds” or “coulds” of society.

Pisces don’t make choices based on what everyone else is doing or even on what would guarantee a good future. They makes choices based on what they want to experience to make their lives feel personally meaningful and to feel good! So, even though society dictates that every person should commit to a mate by a certain age, Pisces don’t see it that way. If they fall in love, they will commit while it feels good. If they don’t, they won’t. However, Pisces seemingly malleable nature often makes them a target for commitment. They are often captured by a mate and forced into a commitment that they really don’t feel inside. Often, they go along with it for awhile and eventually find a way to quietly float away. Commitment is really not their thing. Even after being in a committed relationship for years, many Pisces still don’t really feel committed. They put the time into the relationship, go through the motions of commitment, and if the circumstances benefit them, they will never leave. But their hearts are always floating. Pisces are only willing to commit to the present moment. Ultimately, if you can string together an endless number of moments in which Pisces feels good and sticks around, you can call that commitment.

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