If You Don’t Feel Like This About Them You Should Be Single

By Anna Bashkova | AnnaBashedly

Don’t ever be afraid to be single. To take the time for yourself. It will be difficult at first. It’s going to confusing, uncomfortable, frustrating, satisfying, lonely, exciting and everything else in between. But you have to realize that calm seas and smooth sailing doesn’t make you grow – it won’t make you stronger or teach you the things that you need in order to understand what you really want and what you actually deserve.

So if you aren’t sure about them, stay single.

If they don’t challenge you, if they let you slack on your talents and leave you uninspired or unsatisfied, be single. Life is too short. Life is way too short to be with someone who doesn’t make you feel alive, understood, like the best version of yourself when you’re around them. Life is too short to be with someone who doesn’t make you want to dive headfirst into life.

If they don’t love your imperfections, be single. If you can’t be your weirdest self around them; your silliest, craziest most alive self, be single. You deserve someone who lights up your world, who appreciates all your quirks, because in a world with so many boring people, being weird is such a blessing.

Even if you love them, if you don’t feel like they’re treating you well, be single. You need to love yourself first, and you cannot love yourself and be in a toxic relationship. When all your energy is spent taking care of their needs, loving their edges, trying to keep them even though you know it’s not right, there is no room to love yourself and your life. There is no room to fall in love with someone who will actually make you happy.

If you don’t feel like they love you with the intensity of the stars, you should be single. 

I know you might feel like it’s complicated, like even though they do things that they know will hurt you, they still love you. I know you feel like despite everything, they truly care and are afraid of losing you. And that could be true. But what is also true is that they will always love themselves more. They will always put their needs before yours. And if you stay in that relationship, you will never get what you need.

If you don’t feel like they’re putting enough effort to keep you, be single. Don’t ever be afraid of being alone because in the beginning it will be tough but ultimately it will open you up to everything beautiful life has to offer.

You deserve someone who understands what they have when they’re with you. You deserve to be single until you realize exactly what you deserve.