Why Not Owning Up To Your Mistakes Will Make You Lose Your Relationships

By Hiba Bég | FilterCopy

This isn’t an article about love and romance. This isn’t about family and friends. This is about your honesty.

Or the lack of it. Times when you hurt people, and don’t give a damn. Times when you so awfully mess up you can’t tell your fingers from your toes, but you won’t look up and say sorry. Times when the ego is served in overwhelming quantities, and your hunger for self-honesty dies out. Times when there is nothing beyond yourself, and people’s pain becomes just another bug in your tea. Flick it out, keep sipping.

How long, will you go on like this?

The thing about life is, at the very roots are responsibilities. You cannot raise anything for too long without lifting it up. With the right choices, the right ideas, the right responsibility, and complete accountability. We have become a generation of ‘walk-away’ people, people who choose to run when the first bird flies out the window. No one has time for tossing pebbles on windows, to climb up and say sorry. We pack our bags and leave. The years and years of beautiful relationships, the years and years of being responsible for each-other and caring for each-other are forgotten in a second. Family, friend, the love of your life, everyone is thrown under the bus. How dare someone hurt you. How dare someone not forgive you for hurting them. They’re suppose to know you by now, right?

I wish it were like that.

It’s not, I’m sorry. People have hearts you see, as demanding as they can be. They’re not camels that just collect love and feed off it for the rest of their lives. Isn’t that what you want too? For someone to care all the time, isn’t that why you stop caring in the first place? Because it offended you that people thought you didn’t care? That they didn’t over-look your faults? That they wanted a sorry?

Do you see how silly you’ve been, friend?

One thing in life, never take people for granted. No matter how weak or how dependent a person is on you, too hard a push will make them get up and walk out. And slowly, this will become a pattern in life. Everyone who says “People leave me all the time…” Did you actually contribute nothing to them walking out? Think, and change. Change for the better, change for them, change for you. Love isn’t a sticker you paste on your head, it’s a constant watering of the plant. You stop, it dies. And then, be okay with it not blossoming every morning, be okay then with knowing you didn’t care, be okay with it.