The One: 18 Signs That You’ve Found Your Life Partner

These 18 signs are sure-fire ways to know that the person you’re with is definitely ‘the one.’


1. He supports you.


Your boyfriend should always be your number one cheerleader. Whatever you want to achieve in life, he should always be behind you throwing all his support at you.


2. He listens to you.


Communication is very important to him. For him, it’s not just about whatever he has to say. He also wants to genuinely know what you think. He wants to get to know how your mind functions and he would always listen to whatever it is you want to say.


3. He includes you in building your lives together.


He doesn’t always call all the shots. He values your opinion and he also lets you take the steering wheel every once in a while. He isn’t afraid to defer to you for big decisions because he trusts you with his life.


4. You both trust each other.


Trust is the bedrock of any relationship. Your love has somehow reached a point wherein you know you will never feel betrayed or disappointed. You have completely trusted one another with each other’s hearts.


5. You’re perfectly fine with doing nothing as long as you’re together.


Spending a quiet Friday night at home curling up on the couch and just enjoying each other’s company is a great night for the two of you. You don’t really care about what you’re doing or where you’re going so as long as you’re together.

6. He never demeans you.

He respects you so much; he would never belittle you or make you feel like any less of a person. If he has something about you to criticize, he would do so discreetly and respectfully. He would never want to deliberately make you feel bad.

7. He makes you coffee exactly the way that you like it.

The fact that he knows how to make your coffee the exact way that you like is a manifestation of his true love for you. He knows all your likes and dislikes, and he would go the extra mile to make you happy.

8. You are both perfectly comfortable being alone during stretches of not being together.

You are both so comfortable with each other that you don’t have to worry about your relationship falling apart whenever you’re not together.

9. You miss each other when you’re apart.

However, just because you’re not necessarily crumbling when you’re not together, that doesn’t mean you don’t miss each other when you’re apart.

10. He is the first person you call when you have big news.

You always want to include him in the major moments of your life and that’s why whenever big news comes your way, you also make sure to keep him informed.

11. For every major experience you go through in life, it’s him you want at your side.

Whether the whole world is crumbling down around you or if you start find success at every corner of your life, it’s always him you want to be at your side. It doesn’t matter whether you’re up or down; what’s important is that you are both by each other’s side.

12. Whatever makes you happy also makes him happy.

His happiness is whatever makes you happy. It absolutely lights his soul up whenever he sees you smiling from ear to ear. He considers it one of his major life missions to always keep you happy.

13. You are both always very honest to each other.

Honesty plays a major component in any relationship, and that’s what makes your union with each other so strong. You both maintain open and honest lines of communication at all times because you make each other feel comfortable to talk about absolutely anything.

14. You don’t go to sleep at night without fixing a fight.

You never like going to bed angry at each other and sure you always make sure to resolve any fights or arguments that you are having. For him, there should be no room for hate between the both of you and he would always try his best to make things right for the relationship.

15. He makes a genuine effort for your family to like him.

He knows how important it is for you to have him accepted by your family. That’s why he also makes it an important mission for him to win over the affections of your loved ones.

16. You aren’t afraid to face the problems that are thrown your way.

You are so confident in your teamwork and partnership that you feel like you can take on any challenge that is thrown your way. You know that your relationship is strong enough to withstand any trial that presents itself in front of you.

17. You both find the value even in the simplest things.

The little things matter to you so much because of your immense love for each other. Even the simplest of gestures are enough to move you in grand ways.

18. Your relationship feels natural and unforced.

You don’t ever feel like you have to force anything in your relationship. You are just naturally meant for each other and it seems almost effortless to love one another.