This Is Your Greatest Weakness Based On Your Star Sign

We all have our hidden weaknesses. Whether it be an addiction to TV shows or a short temper, we all have that one thing (or five things) that we struggle with from time to time.


The team at Elite Daily drilled down into every star sign and has shared what each one’s deepest, darkest weakness is. Check them out below:


Aries: Your temper


Straight into a sensitive one, here. Listen up, little rams because you have a tendency to lose your cool a little too quickly and that isn’t sexy on anyone. Well, unless you’re Sofia Vergara. In which case, forget what you’ve read and say whatever you like.


Taurus: Indulging (especially when you’re feeling blue)


You guys like to give yourself a pat on the back by popping a bottle of bubbly or cracking open the cookies and hey, that’s fine! You should totally treat yo’self when the occasion calls for it.


Just watch that this doesn’t become a week-long binge fest where you continuously cry into a tub of ice cream. This won’t help you feel any better, guys.


Gemini: Arguing


Sharing your opinion is a great thing, Gemini. You get in there and enjoy your heated discussions… Just as long as it doesn’t get all preachy. Because that’s kind of annoying.


Cancer: Your mum


This is kind of sweet, right? Cancers, you take your mum’s opinion really seriously and want to do whatever you can to impress her.

But hey, just remember, even if she isn’t happy with your most recent lifestyle choices, she’ll still be there anyway!

Leo: Needing to be well-liked 

Leos, you guys love being everyone’s fave. And so, if someone doesn’t take a liking to you, you’re probably going to hate it, which is fair enough.

Chances are, however, that in your lifetime, some people are just not going to be your biggest fans. Try and let it go. Those people probably suck, anyway.

Virgo: Flipping out over any sign of disorder

Ah Virgos, you can’t be surprised with this one, right? Known for being perfectionists, you can’t un-see even the slightest sign of mess or disorder.

But imagine what this is like for outsiders, dear Virgos? It’s not fun.

Yes, that guy you’re texting may have used y-o-u-r instead of y-o-u-‘-r-e that one time, but is it really that big of a deal?

Yep, ok. It is. Forget I asked.

Libra: Your indecisiveness

Libras, what you struggle with most is making choices. We get it. This can be tricky at times but it’s part of your day-to-day and things will start moving a lot faster as soon as you let go a little and just dive on in.

Scorpio: Being turned down

No one likes being told “no”, Scorpio. But you have a little bit of a hard time accepting it.

As hard as it can be, people are not going to agree with you at times and there is simply nothing you can do about it. Sorry!

Sagittarius: Things not going your way

Sagittarius, you like things how you like them and you reaaallly don’t want to hear otherwise.

Like, at all.

But the thing is that this can be a little tiring for your loved ones, who may not be feeling heard. Try and be more open; your mates will love you for it.

Capricorn: Taking on too much

You guys need to give yourselves a break! Yes, there’s a lot to be seen and done and it’s awesome that you’re so enthusiastic about it, but make sure you’re not burning yourselves out.

Aquarius: Helping people

Aquarians! You guys are the sweetest. You’re always there when others need you, which we love you for. But you’re so busy caring for all those other people you often forget about yourselves.

Just remember, you can’t help anyone if you’re not looking after number one first.

Pisces: Zero patience for complainers

The fish sign isn’t a big fan of hearing people whinge about petty issues. And to be fair, we can’t really blame them for that. It’s annoying AF when someone is crying about a total non-issue like the fact that the shirt they wanted to buy is now sold but sorry dude, sometimes, it’s just (a crappy) part of being a mate.

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