Top 4 Sexiest and Most Passionate Zodiac Signs

Love making is an important part of any adult relationship. It is arguably the strongest, most intimate connection two people can make together. Although, others would disagree and say that passion comes from the mind and it is the mind that is the most powerful influence in our love lives.

Passion is a strong emotional state; a driving force that can take hold of our emotions, mind and body, it can either motivate or destroy you and your loved one.
Each star sign shows passion in a different way making it a distinctive trait among all representatives of the Zodiac. Those small traits and differences influence our behaviors, the way we love or show passion to our partners.

Whatever your thoughts might be, let’s take a look at the top 4 sexiest and most passionate signs of the Zodiac. You might be surprised!


Your star sign is one of the most passionate of all zodiac signs. Scorpios express every need in a strong dramatic outlet. They love with such a depth, that is often difficult not to say it, show it or scream it from the top of their lungs of how much exactly they love you. Their sex drive is nothing to be mess around with. For them sex is just another way to show you how much they love you. Regarding passion, Scorpios are passionate about everything, their friends, family or just the puppy down the street. This is the sign that symbolizes Passion. Depending on their maturity level and knowledge, they can be Sexual Gurus, therefore they are frequently called  ‘sexual addicts’.

Scorpios have out of this world imagination. Only if you are lucky enough to be loved by Scorpio you will get their key to the secrets they keep at all times. “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” was probably referring to a Scorpio. If by any chance you end up cheating on them, prepare to leave the country cause their vendetta is something you would like to avoid for sure.


This is the sign that aims to please others. Virgos are passionate about their work which they consider a positive outlet for their high levels of nervous energy. Virgos are known as caretakers, making you first and center of their universe. Virgos are attracted to those they feel are suffering injustice of any kind or who seem to be invisible to others making them a project they want to fix.

Be extra careful with the Virgo heart. They have feelings just like the rest of the signs and don’t like to be led on. Loyalty and truth are the traits Virgo’s are most passionate about.  If you love them, tell them so; and you’d better mean it. Otherwise, as far as they’re concerned, you can leave their life. They don’t like wasting their time on someone who’s not truthful with their feelings.


Those who prefer illusion to reality. Pisces are the really shy ones of the Zodiac. They want to know that they are loved, adored and desired. They will dream of loving you instead of showing you in the daytime. Pisces are passionate about their feelings and through directing their passion into creative endeavors they are able to express their emotions in a tangible way.

Pisces, like Cancers, are caretakers. They love to cook for their loved ones, and in the bedroom, incorporating food into their lovemaking is not unheard of. One moment they can be totally hot and turned on, and the next completely indifferent. Most Pisces love deeply, but many of them are not quite convinced that they’re worthy of this love.




They sure love comfort.  But when it comes to passion and making love we are talking about masterminds here. Making love to a Taurus is an experience that’s for sure! This sign does everything with long consisting passion, from eye contact to making you breakfast. Taurus knows how to use all of his senses making you completely under his control. Control on the other hand is a big trigger for the representatives of this sign. They love control and will use any necessary means to put you under their spell. Taurus feeds his passion from his ego, so if you want to keep them, be ready to glorify and compliment them daily, making all good choices in your relationship a product of their brilliance.

Taurus is in love with love itself. When they actually fall in love, they can settle down and be faithful as long they are completely sure that their partner loves them back. If you cheat on them, consider yourself gone from their life and never coming back.

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