The Pros (and Cons) of Dating Each Astrological Sign

By Nikki Stout for FabGab


They say you’ll know when you know…but how can you really know? Take it from the stars, of course! With every sign comes its pros and cons, and understanding how the universe works in yourself will help you understand how it works in your partner. Here is our list of the best and most difficult traits in each sign, and how to deal!




Pros: The inventive Aries will always come up with the most original date nights. Their wit and excitement will keep you entertained for years to come.


Cons: A lofty sense of adventure may take some reeling in. Set your boundaries early and communicate them often for understanding on all sides.




Pros: A Taurus will always have your back starting at the very beginning. This loyal and determined soul will do everything in their power to do right by their partner and keep them happy.


Cons: The Taurus’ brand of stubborn is 50 proof. Keep your issues out in the open so harmful resentment does not get in the way of your connection.




Pros: The jovial spirit of the Gemini means finding the fun in any situation. These voracious readers will keep the conversation going late into the evening.


Cons: The nervous Gemini may need some time to level their heads once upset. Remind them that their intuitive logic usually prevails.


Pros: The shrewd cancer knows, intuitively, what will best protect their partner. they will always guard a feeling, and are no strangers to matters of the heart.

Cons: Cancers are very capable of allowing their moods to get the better of them. When you each have personal space to react, everyone’s emotional health will stay flourishing.


Pros: A roaring Leo will always fight the good fight. Their generous spirit makes itself known through both physical as well as emotional gifts.

Cons: The Leo may also be a bit narrow-minded when triggered, and may refuse to understand an alternative perspective. Having examples to support your position in a disagreement will help the Leo approach it logically.


Pros: The modest Virgo will always let situations speak for themselves. Actions define a Virgo’s relationship, and care through these actions will be both generous and plentiful.

Cons: If action is not reciprocated, the worrying Virgo may become critical of their partner’s level of commitment. Keep your relationship fresh and affectionate.


Pros: An easygoing Libra will charm their way straight into your heart. Idealism runs high, and plans will never fall short of their expectations.

Cons: This flirt may catch many an interested glance. While it may be in their nature to charm each and every person they meet, it takes a patient person to stay confident in their loyalties. Communicate your feelings when it comes to a roving eye.


Pros: Scorpios’ magnetic personalities and determined will make them impressive characters with a drive for success; and who doesn’t want a successful partner?

Cons: Always formulating a plan, the Scorpio can be secretive and aloof with their next idea or obsession. Ask them what is on their mind, and be attentive to the changes they want to be in the world.


Pros: You will never feel cramped by the Sagittarius’ style! These romantic and philosophical personalities allow for the type of intellectual freedom anyone would crave.

Cons: As with all half-baked plans, the Sagittarius may fall into idealism over action. Setting goals together as partners will help keep everyone’s daydreams on track.


Pros: The practical Capricorn will always have the insight into the path of least resistance for any given topic. Always careful, their actions are weighed up until the very moment they are made.

Cons: This practicality may cross the line into fatalism if the Capricorn can find no way to harmony. Always present options to the Capricorn.


Pros: The kind Aquarius heart shines through all of their interactions. Forever inventive, the Aquarius has limitless potential for ideas and intellectual play.

Cons: Always the Devil’s advocate, the Aquarius can be contrarian for the sake of being so. This is not a lack of authenticity, but rather a means to explore all perspectives of an issue.


Pros: You will never go without sympathy with a Pisces as your partner. Their selfless drive shows an insurmountable capacity for empathy and generosity.

Cons: The Pisces is also capable of taking on too much emotional energy, and escaping into themselves. A Pisces must always have an out for this energy.

What did you learn about your sign, or about your partner’s? Find these to be accurate? Let us know in the comments!

Main image by AquaSixio