Experts Say There are 4 Introvert Types, Which One Are You? Take This Quiz to Find Out!

According to scientific research, and a few notes from the master himself, Carl Jung, there are more than just one type of introvert- there are four.

To better understand these four types, we’re going to give you a basic summary of each. Then, you can scroll down to take the quiz and see which one best fits with your unique personality.

1. Social.


The social introvert is someone who enjoys their alone time, and prefers to be in small groups. It’s not because being in larger groups makes them feel a certain way, it’s just a personal preference.


2. Anxious.

The anxious introvert has a few similarities to the social introvert. For example, they both find comfort in solitude. However, the anxious introvert will tend to include themselves in  larger group settings, despite their anxious behaviour and overthinking.


3. Contemplative.

The contemplative introvert likes to get lost and sail away to their own fantasy land. They’re not introverted due to fear or anxiety, but they want to enjoy their own imagination more.


4. Restrained.

The restrained introvert really likes to take time to think before speaking. You might consider them to be reserved, or “quiet.”

If you consider yourself to be an introvert, do you think you fit into any of these categories? Take this quiz which will analyze your personality and tell you which one you really are.

By Raven Fon