Relationships are tricky. Matters of the heart are never easy. Sometimes two people are lucky enough to find a forever partner. Many others however, roam the planet in search of their other half, their one true love and their soulmate.

In order to find “the one” it is imperative to date around. There will always be failed relationships or better yet, lovers who over time find that in the end, they are better off friends. Whatever the situation may be, breakups are inevitable. Some partnerships can come to an end on a peaceful note, while others can be less than passive,seeming to shake the entire universe and flip the whole world upside down.

How things end, be it ugly or upon a mutual agreement, the month and date that those involved were born can play a major role. Scroll through to find which zodiac signs tend to keep the peace and which signs can be a total nightmare when it comes time to part ways.


Aries are the babies of the zodiac with birthdates from March 21 – April 19, they are the “youngest” of the signs. They like to have things their way when they want it. Sometimes, their independence and competitive nature can lead to a hasty breakup. Oftentimes, described as selfish, yet perhaps more accurately explained as determined, the Aries might just up and leave when least expected, in pursuit of happiness.


Taurus are known for their stubborn ways more than anything. Their symbol, the bull represents their steadfast attitude and tendency to be stuck in their ways. The Taurus partner, born between April 20- May 20 can make for great partners,unless they let their insistent need to bully others get in the way. Chances are a Taurus, will choose their motives over their partners and drop them like a bad habit.


Brace yourself, just like the rollercoaster ride of a relationship that the two-faced Gemini promises,a split with the third sign of the Zodiac is guaranteed to be just as much of a ride. Romance with a Gemini is always a good time. Seriously, their ever-changing personality and the fire behind their eyes is enough to turn any admirers lust into love, but once the flame has burned…well, that’s a different story. Most Geminis have a hard time saying goodbye. A failed partnership with the Gemini is never as easy as 1-2-3. Count this ex-lover making sure their ethereal presence is felt for months after the affair is done.
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Born between June 21 and July 22, the Cancer lover is affectionate, caring and supportive. On the other hand, the crab’s emotions can oftentimes get the best of them. Ending a love affair with a Cancer partner is never easy. Their sensitive souls can hardly take the pain and no matter the situation their genuine despair and feeling f betrayal will shake even the coldest hearted companion.


There is no denying the roar of the lion. The Leo born between July 23 – August 22 is notorious for his boisterous personality and constant need for attention. Usually the loud-mouthed lion is looking to appear larger than life, although his true form struggles to feel as big and bad as his roar. That being said. A breakup with the energetic, quick-witted and powerful personality of a Leo is usually a show. As on of the stronger signs of the Zodiac, the Leo must go out with a bang, and will likely embarrass his or her ex-lover in the process.


Claiming August 23 – September 22, Virgos are very strong-willed and independent on their own. In a relationship, their demeanor is not much different, demanding respect and generally taking on most opportunities to be in charge. Due to their perfectionist ways and insistent need to be perfect, the Virgo lover can be quite quite hard on their partners. If a Virgo’s significant other can’t stay on their A-game, then it’s just as easy for them to drop that “weight” like it’s nothing and move onto the next one.


The Libra, ruled by Aphrodite, or Venus, the Goddess of Love is no stranger to matters of romance. One might even say that the Libra lovers entire life revolves around plentiful pleasure and many a pleasing interactions. Obsessed with aesthetics and beauty, the oftentimes somewhat shallow Libra actually makes for a very loving and loyal partner but their constant search for balance, makes the lust loving Libra hard tie down, which is why this sign usually gets dropped like a hot potato, aka dumped.


Lovers born between October 23 and November 21 are passionate to say the least. There is no denying their sexual energy but beyond ht physical, the Scorpio’s strong opinions and enthusiasm can turn into a real headache when things don’t go their way. Scorpios have a habit of saying exactly what’s on their mind which can oftentimes lead to broken hearts.


The impulsive Sagittarius born between November 22 – December 21 can be a rel blast to kick it with. Although they are pretty stuck in their ways and tend to “always be right”, the quick-witted Sagittarius is a feisty lover, worth the struggle. That is, if their better half can convince them to think things through, rather than incessantly making spontaneous decisions. That being said, if Sagittarius is over it, let it be known that ending a relationship is just a easy a decision as what color shirt to wear on any given day, quick and simple.


Then Capricorn lover is highly organized. The perfectionists of the Zodiac hold very high expectations for their lovers just as they do for themselves. Other than them pushing their better half to be better than ever, which is far from a downfall, the Capricorn lover makes fora great partner. That is, unless they have a hard time letting go of their past. Change is not the Capricorn’s forte which means, sometimes they can get hung up on an ex lover and ruin a good thing.


One of the older and wiser signs ofthe Zodiac, the Aquarius, born between January 20 – February 18, is known for his great love of humanity. Don’t get the water bearer’s friendly demeanor twisted however. In a relationship, the Aquarius portrays very little emotion and oftentimes leaves his lover feeling unwanted. Breakups tend to be quick and painful, leaving many things left unsaid.


The last sign of the Zodiac,spanning from February 19 to March 20 is perhaps one of the most complex of all the signs. Hard to read, this fish swims to the his own beat, eluding a very certain sense of independence but don’t let the Pisces lover fool you. These men and women are lowkey needy with hearts that truly bleed. In the end, however, the Pisces partner will likely become distracted and find themselves bored, swimming to another pond to meet those other fish in the sea.

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