People Who Fart In Front Of Their Partner Have Stronger Relationships

Surely this article’s title caught your attention because it is interesting to think about- something like a fart can strengthen a relationship.

But we can say that farting in front of your partner can get the relationship to last throughout life.

Usually, doing unpleasant things in front of their partner is something that people often avoid, because we want to show the best of ourselves to be able to make that person fall in love. But with time and trust this changes.
An author of family psychology called Leah Decesare, has written a research paper which confirms that a lasting relationship is based on complete trust and sincerity, and we get this being as natural as possible.
She has published a book called ‘naked parenting’ where she tells about the secret of lasting relationships and how we should treat our children.

The author tell us that the first fart in front of her husband changed their relationship forever. She says her husband knew at that very moment he was going to be with her for life.

Decesare  says you should probably hold it in, in front of other people, but with your partner- let loose. Farting is as natural as laughing, crying or eating.

Cosmo magazine is encouraging girls to let it out rather than hold it in – the mag has said that farting in front of your man will actually make your relationship STRONGER.

Writer Jessica Gentile published a story about a bowel-related accident she had on a first date that brought her now-boyfriend and her closer together:

“All of a sudden, I felt it seep out of me. I was on the all-important third date with a very cute guy. Things had been going well so far. We went out for dinner and had just returned to his apartment. Then, mid-cuddle, a bout of flatulence I couldn’t quite control took hold. Startled and embarrassed, I abruptly rushed to the bathroom. I tried to catch my breath and gain my composure, chastising myself for eating the whole burrito, but much to my chagrin, it only got worse. I clogged his toilet. An incident this mortifying can make or break a couple. I was sure this would be the humiliating demise of a potentially blossoming relationship. Instead, the foul odor I produced only brought out the sweetness, compassion, and humor in both of us. Seven years later, we got married.”

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