These 5 Types Of People Are The Most Likely To Cheat

Yes, cheaters come in all shapes and sizes, and varying confidence levels as well. But there are some ways you can spot them from a mile away…

Chalkboard, Classroom, Teacher, Female, College

If you’ve heard of Ashley Madison, then you know they are the in the “professional” business of cheating. They try to make it classy, but c’mon…it’s still cheating. The number one profession of cheating wives, according to their data, is teaching.

Cheated Before
“if they did it once, they’ll do it again.” That pretty much sums up this cheater-factoid researched by the University of Alabama.

Fans of Rock Music
Spectator, Concert, Crowd, Event, Music, Audience

Yeah, I know. This sounds dumb as hell, but I didn’t come up with the statistics. The cheating website, Illicit Encounters reports that 41% of their cheaters listen to rock music.

Men Who Are Rich
Men who have wealth tend to cheat the most. They equate money with sex and see their love life as something that can be bought, just like everything else.

Women Who Are Insecure
The types of women who go after those rich guys are often insecure. So they cheat. Their spouse is neglectful and lazy, so they seek affection, attention, and a good time elsewhere.

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