August 15, 2016 ·  1 min read

Honest Comics About How Differently Society Treats Dads Vs. Moms

By Raven Fon

Although parenthood can obviously be an exciting time, for both new and experienced parents, it can also be extremely challenging. Ask any mom or dad and they’ll enthusiastically agree.

Being a responsible parent requires lots of hard work, patience, and many sacrifices. Both fathers and mothers do their best to raise their child in a positive way. Each fulfilling their unique but equally important roles in their child’s upbringing.

What is unfortunate, however, is how dads and moms are treated differently, even when doing the exact same thing. There are a lot of unfair remarks and responses women receive, simply because they are moms, not dads.

Chaunie Brusie is a freelance writer and mother to 4 children. She has recently created a comic for the blog Babble, which focuses on parenting. In it, she showcases the different ways dads and moms are seen, and treated, in public.

The comic is a personal one, and Brusie draws inspiration from her own life experiences. She portrays scenes at the park, in the doctor’s office and at the grocery store.

Brusie explains, “[While there] are a lot of things I praise my husband for…[it] never ceases to amaze me how differently my husband and I are treated while out and about with the fruit of our loins. Whereas I am openly judged, questioned, or ignored, my husband has a virtual red carpet rolled out for him on the (admittedly) rare occasions he dares venture out in public with our kids.”

Take a moment and look at the comics below. I have spoken to a few of my female friends who are moms, and 70% find this to be something they can truly relate to. For the other parents, both moms and dads who have children of their own, do you find this to be an accurate depiction of reality?











All images via Chaunie Brusie @ Babble.com

h/t EliteReaders.com | Babble.com