Stupid Things Couples Do When They’re In The Wrong Relationship

The truth is, sometimes instead of staying with the wrong person, you should end the relationship.

Breaking up with someone, parting ways, it’s never an easy thing to do. Especially if there is a history there, or if two people have been together for a while. To soften the blow, people try and use strange tactics or act a certain way that will make the other person love them less. But these games and tactics rarely work and often cause more harm then good. Honesty is always the best policy.

They stop communicating.

When things start to end in their mind, they will try to bring that ending into the real world. They just go cold for no reason. They stop calling. They take forever to text back. Every attempt will be made to avoid talking about their feelings or emotions, or the state of the relationship. The more you try to reach out, the more they withdraw.

They insult you indirectly.

Call it what it is- passive aggressive behaviour. And it’s toxic. Going on social media and posting cryptic status updates, quotes or memes aimed at someone but not addressing them or talking about the issue at hand is childish. When people do this, they are seeking attention and validation for their crappy way of handling things.

They make everything an argument.

You sit down on the couch with your cup of coffee and the first thing you hear out of their mouth is how you’re holding your cup wrong, or the couch is dirty, or you forgot to do this or that etc. Whenever you two are in the same room, it leaves them open to start the blame game. You are always at fault and they will never be happy, or at least that’s the repetitive story they give you.

They complain about you to your friends and family.

The number one stupid thing that people do when they are in the wrong relationship instead of just ending it: they target those closest to you. This is actually a narcissistic manipulation tactic and only the most toxic people utilize this, but it does happen. Instead of talking things out or acting like an adult, they go behind your back and discuss your “faults and flaws” with your best friends or family members. The worst part is, they pretend to act out of concern and say ” I’m worried about ____” but this is nothing more than a way for them to open the door to insults.

If you feel like this is you, or your partner, do the right thing and walk away. Damaging another human being because you are tired of them is cruel.

Your partner should be your best friend.

How would you talk to them? How would you treat them? That’s how you should be treating the person you decided to share your heart with. Be kind always.