When a Woman Is Silent, It Means One of These 11 Things

There is always a calm before the storm- a silence that prefaces some powerful force. 

When an earthquake is about to occur, you don’t hear it. The rumbling and shifting movements take place in the quiet silence until eventually, there is no space left to shift, and no silence left to contain.

Women are the same in a similar kind of way. They also have a silence that comes with a message; a warning of sorts.

When a woman is silent, it means one of these 11 things:

1) She’s taking the high road

It’s easy to let our tongues get the better of us and say hurtful things. Even in anger, she can stay silent because she knows to take the high road, or else it will lead to more hurt in the future.

2) She’s going through it!

She is hurt. She wants to withdraw and heal. The solitude comforts her and she knows she will be better after being on her own for a while.

3) She wants to deal on her own

She’s tried going to others for advice in the past, and she has learned that getting them entangled in her problems just makes things more complicated. She knows she has the strength to deal on her own, and that’s exactly what she’s doing.

4) She’s just done

Everything has become too much for her. She’s at her wit’s end, and she just needs space and time.

5) She’s busy

Sometimes, she’s actually just doing her own thing and that’s all her silence means. Her job is really taking off, she’s hanging out with new friends, she’s working out in the evenings. She’s busy.

6) She needs you

She doesn’t know how to ask for you to be there more, so she says nothing. When she looks at you though, you feel her sadness.

7) She’s healing

Rather than argue, or continue the battle of who is right and who should have done something, she is silent. It’s healing for her to pick her battles and the little things can be dealt with later.

8) She needs a break

Maybe this last argument really just did her in. She’s not gone forever, but she really is upset and needs a break. She’ll be back, but you need to let her be for now.

9) She’s overthinking

She’s worried. About everything. Having so much responsibility can take a toll.

10) She’s being strong

She is the one everyone looks to for support or guidance. When something devestating happens, she only lets her cries escape in private. She knows everyone will benefit from moving on. She’s being strong, and she’s letting things go so everyone else can let go too.

11) She doesn’t know what else is left to say

Sometimes there just isn’t anything to say. When communication has reached a dead-end, and two people are incapable of connection in any type of way, there isn’t much to say. If she’s tried and tried to get through and nothing has worked, eventually she will stop trying.