May 8, 2019 ·  2 min read

What Animal Do You See First? Let’s See What’s Most Important To You In Love

Our subconscious mind has a big influence on how we behave, what we do, and, well, how we see the things around us. Our subconscious mind stores everything we have ever seen, felt, and come across.

This image test, and what you see first represents how you feel about love. 

This is all based on Freud’s theory of the unconscious mind.

Sigmund Freud didn’t exactly invent the idea of the conscious versus unconscious mind, but he certainly was responsible for making it popular and this was one of his main contributions to psychology.

The unconscious mind comprises mental processes that are inaccessible to consciousness but that influence judgements, feelings, or behavior. According to Freud, the unconscious mind is the primary source of human behavior. Like an iceberg, the most important part of the mind is the part you cannot see.

Our feelings, motives and decisions are actually powerfully influenced by our past experiences, and stored in the unconscious.

While we are fully aware of what is going on in the conscious mind, we have no idea of what information is stored in the unconscious mind. That’s where this test comes into play.

Look at the image below and let your unconscious mind choose the animal it sees first.

Now that you have your answer, let’s see what each one means.

If you saw the FOX first:

You are positive and romantic.

If you see the fox first, you are very positive and romantic in nature. This image represents an illusion of a sunset because of the orange color, only at second glance does it becomes an animal piece. You have a very strong connection to nature and in love you are looking for a person with similar values. Lore has it that the fox is cunning and spiritual.

Personality: You are a very honorable person, wisdom is your natural superpower.

Relationship: Freedom is very important for you. You don’t mind a long-term relationship, as long as you don’t feel trapped.

If you saw the DOLPHIN first:

You are intelligent and tranquil.

If you see the dolphin first, you are quite sophisticated, and sometimes considered lucky. As for your love life, you are looking for an intelligent and tranquil person. You are very charming and people love to be around you and you like that. You are smart and intelligent, representing a well-balanced attitude.

Personality: Kindness, peace, and harmony describe your personality.

Relationship: You want a big family, very big. You care about everyone, even all your cousins, uncles, and aunts, and you always remember what they like and when their birthdays are.

Be sure to let us know if you found this to be accurate!