5 Fascinating And Scientifically Proven Traits Men Find Attractive In Women

It is a proven fact that humans are visual creatures, and men are no exception. But it would be wrong to say that physical appearance is all they look for in women.

So, it would be more credible to rope in science to explain this mystery. But it is also important to remember that the following is based on specific studies that were done with a specific set of people.

The below-mentioned traits are not a judgment on anyone’s attractiveness. This is just a curated list based on a few studies among many others. So, here is a list of seven scientifically proven things that men find attractive in women.

1. The Tilt Of The Head

Researchers have found out that the tilt of a woman’s head in the downward direction can make her seem significantly more attractive to the opposite sex. This research was conducted by showing head shots of women taken at various angles and during various phases of their menstrual cycle to men. They concluded that men found those headshots more attractive in which women’s faces were tilted downward and also ones in which they were in their fertile phase of the menstrual cycle.

The researchers emphasize that these factors only influence the perception of beauty and are not really strict requirements for attractiveness.

2. The Risk Takers

According to a study conducted at the University of Alaska, men (and also women) find certain kinds of risk-taking behavior attractive in the opposite gender. Researchers analyzed the results based on two different categories of risk; old hunter-gatherer kind of risks, and modern-day risks.

Researchers were amused to find that the ability to take on old world risks is what men (and women) find attractive in their mates. Your impulse to drive without a seatbelt might not impress a man but your ability to climb mountains just might.

3. The Importance Of Humor

Women love funny guys, but as it turns out men like funny women too. A research shows that ‘sense of humor’ is an important trait that people want in their partners. According to a published research, both men and women equally value and seek this trait in their partners. But once researchers started looking into this more in depth, they found out that men value their partners’ ability to be receptive to their humor more than them producing good humor. Whereas women like their partners to be both producers of good humor as well as receptive to their humor.

So, it’s safe to say that men want women to be funny but they want them to be able to laugh more. So, giggle your way into their hearts, ladies!

4. The Key Is Emotional Openness

A study has unveiled this quality to be an important one that dictates attraction. This quality is one’s ability to comprehend others’ emotions clearly. Scientists believe that people are more likely to be attracted to those whom they can clearly understand. In this study, men were shown clips of women and they found women they could clearly see through emotionally more attractive than others. Scientists believe that this certainty and understanding activate the reward center in the brain and more activity takes place in the brain due to this, which can be the reason.

So, it turns out that the key to a man’s heart is through his brain. Your emotional openness can impress a man. But that doesn’t mean you should stop being yourself. Feel and react as you want as being fake can never impress anyone.

7. Personality Is A Big Factor

Beauty is more than just skin deep for men. Positive personality traits seem to have a positive effect on the perception of beauty for men. According to a study, men were divided into two groups and asked to rate women. But one group had to rate based on only the physical appearance of women whereas the other group got personality profiles as well. The results showed that the latter group found a variety of body types and sizes to be more attractive compared to the former group which inclined heavily towards a set body type.

Hence, positive personality traits seem to be a factor that can change the way a man perceives beauty.

This list contains only a small number of traits that can be deemed ‘attractive’. But there is so much more out there. No one (man or woman) has to fit into a category to be attractive. Sometimes, it is your uniqueness that makes you attractive. So, embrace it all.