If You Prefer to Be Alone, You Could Be a Genius

Love canceled plans and prefer to stay in? You’re probably pretty smart.

Good news for those of you who prefer quiet Sunday mornings alone to booming Friday nights with friends: You are probably smarter than your extroverted friends. Yes, seriously: A study has revealed that the amount of time you choose to hangout sans people might say something about your level of intelligence. Read on below!

If you like spending time alone… For the study, ​15,000 people of varying IQs were surveyed on their level of happiness when socializing versus when spending time alone. Satoshi Kanazawa, of the London School of Economics, and Norman Li, of Singapore Management University conducted the research.

If you like spending time alone… ​When directing their focus to the correlation between IQs and level of happiness, they found that those with higher IQs were less happy when spending time socializing as opposed to spending time by themselves. Interesting.

If you like spending time alone… ​The scientists believe these results follow the “Savanna theory of happiness.” This means that ancestral consequences affect happiness. So, what does this mean?

If you like spending time alone… ​“Life on the African savanna, for example, would have been starkly different to city life. It’s thought people would have lived in widely dispersed groups of around 150 people, and that socialising among your own tribe would have been crucial for survival both in terms of food gathering and reproduction,” Stylist UK clarified.

If you like spending time alone… ​Basically what this means is those who possess higher IQs have evolved to not require the need for constant socialization. Whereas, those with lower IQs still need socialization for happiness and fulfillment.

If you like spending time alone… ​Li and Kanazawa believe this evolution is due to the evolution of our modern lifestyles. “More intelligent individuals, who possess higher levels of general intelligence and thus greater ability to solve evolutionarily novel problems,” the study explains, “may face less difficulty in comprehending and dealing with evolutionarily novel entities and situations.”

If you like spending time alone… ​Essentially, this means that intelligent people are content on their own because they have adapted to modern society. Therefore, they don’t need others for their happiness and survival.

If you like spending time alone… ​INC reports another theory as to why those who are smarter shy away for frequent socialization. It is possible they prefer spending time alone because intelligent people are goal-oriented and they can find spending time with friends distracting rather than relaxing.

If you like spending time alone… ​However, that might just be a quality of the high-strung individual, which might be linked with intelligence as well. But that’s a whole other study that needs to be done.

If you like spending time alone… ​Alternatively, not all introverts are intelligent. Sometimes the need for alone time comes from social anxiety that makes social interactions draining. Of course, there are exceptions to every theory or pattern.

If you like spending time alone… ​The study also found that those who lived in densely populated areas were overall less satisfied with their life compared to those living in less densely populated areas. They also found that people in general were happy when hanging out with their friends. They only noticed a difference in those with high IQs.

If you like spending time alone… ​Life Hack reported that spending time alone actually has a lot of benefits. These benefits could contribute to an overall happiness such as boost productivity, encourages independence, relieves stress and anxiety and more.

If you like spending time alone… ​Big Think shockingly reported from a separate study, “The negative effect of the presence of lots of people is more pronounced among people of average intelligence.” So, if you like being alone, you might just be kind of smart or average.

If you like spending time alone… ​It is believed that those who can be happier alone are descendants of the most intelligent ancestors. They are from the ancestors who were able to easily adapt. Seemingly, they are now less stressed and dependent on others in urban society.

​Well, that’s basically everything you have to know about the study backing the smart loners theory. So, if you prefer solitude over social gatherings, it’s possible you’re one of the smarties. Pro tip: Keep doing you.