Conscious Love and Emotional Maturity Is Better Than Any Fairy Tale Romance

From childhood, we are sold on the ideas of fairy tales and what a “real” happy relationship is supposed to look like. But that’s not where the real happiness comes from. Real happiness comes from a conscious relationship- one with emotional maturity- not princes and glass slippers.

It isn’t healthy to romanticize the idea of true love or the “perfect person.” After all, keeping an unreal image of this in our minds can get in the way of us meeting the “best” person for us instead of that “perfect” person who is nothing more than a fantasy. It’s a good idea to keep in mind that true love doesn’t come from someone, but rather from inside of ourselves.

Meaning, the best relationship should be built in a “conscious” way, purposefully, with dedication and emotional maturity.

“Conscious” love isn’t afraid to be alone. If you have never heard of the expression “conscious” love, it’s definitely worth exploring:

Couples who share a “conscious love” don’t see each other as “soul mates” who need one another to be complete. They are already complete people who aren’t afraid to be on their own. They freely offer their contentment and emotional maturity to the relationship, sharing it with one another.

People who are a part of “unconscious” relationships are usually immature. They look for others to fill their emotional needs and find a balance, establishing a type of toxic attachment. For these people, manipulation or subtle emotional blackmail is often the answer in helping them to establish a relationship because they are afraid of being on their own. They aren’t aware of how to properly face their emotional immaturity.

However, those who see themselves as complete individuals and also have the fortune of finding a mate that is just as emotionally mature as they are, experience “conscious” love where everything just naturally flows. There are no demands, no emptiness to fill, just mutual confidence and an understanding that they are building up a healthy relationship. Not an ideal one, but an authentic one.

Conscious love will come to you when you are already whole, just don’t force yourself to find the “perfect” person.

For a better understanding, try the following advice:

The best thing you can do for yourself is to NOT look for the perfect person. Start with yourself, create the best “you” you can be; become the version of yourself that you really love.

Build up your emotional maturity, strengthen your self-esteem, defend your values.

It’s important that you learn to be content on your own, to learn that being single isn’t dangerous or damaging. Don’t force anyone to be with you because you are afraid of being single.

Never lose the excitement of starting new relationships. Don’t be afraid of making the same past mistakes; you’ve learned so much and you know exactly what you need.

If you have a very clear idea of what it is that you want, then be the type of person that you would want to have at your side, that way the right person will be reflected within yourself.

Finally, always remember: You are worth loving. Never, ever tell yourself any different.

Via ExploringYourMind